Some Street Art Drawing That Will Give You A Different Perspective On The World Around You


Some Crazy Street Art Drawing That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Click ‘Like’

Well, in the past we used only like button on the Facebook posts, but now the app has been updated and so does the street art should get. We can now show the reactions of love, anger, a surprise to a particular post. People love updated things.

2. Feeling Cheery

Some Crazy Street Art Drawing That Will Blow Your Mind

So cool painting. The drawing is of the cheerleader holding two grass poms-poms. But if look at her legs then we will see that her ankles are bent in the wrong way. And after watching this, I think there is a need to call a doctor because she might not be able to dance like this with the broken leg.

3. Dropped Pin

The painting of the dropping pin has brought the Google Map on the earth and the real world. Now instead of looking at the Google Map, we go for looking at the pin and wondering if it will help us in finding the right location where we want to reach.

4. Eyewear

Look at the eyewear on the snow. It is so scary that children might get afraid of playing with the snow at this place. It seems that the eyewear is of the giant who has lost his eyewear and now he is moving here and there in search of his spectacles.

5. Taking A Ride

In the picture, we see that Calvin and Hobbes are riding their bike down the staircase, But one should let them know that staircase is just about to have the tragic end and they should carefully move for the next step.

6. Take A Look

What an excellent idea the artist had to draw such incredible painting. It seems that you are being watched. Someone is having an eye on you and noting your every move. It is a little more inconspicuous.

7. Glowing Skeleton

Oh God, it is a skeleton on the drainage grates. It seems a bit scary if someone looks at this from far away. But don’t get afraid of such things.

8. Cracked Up

The photo is all similar as if your mother is getting her broken back. You need to heel the cracks of your motherland as soon as possible. It is giving us a significant message with the painting. You can come back to the mayor to heel it up during the upcoming elections and ask him to get it repaired.

9. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the best-known personality for his martial arts. He can even kick the steel beam while he is hanging in the sir. And now after that, he has to come back to the life.

10. Tickling The Ivories

The piano steps are significant. We can sit on them and jam a song out of it. It is like an ultimate dream that you can stand on the steps with your small feet and fulfil your dreams.

11. Add It Up

It is the painting with the graffiti on the walls, and the person who loves doing its painting also have the keen interest in solving the mathematical equations. Two great talents have been combined in the picture.

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12. Book Break

Some cities have mouse roaming on their streets, and people are fed up with it. But do not worry we have the solution to your problem. You can put some books under the lamps of the street and wait for a while if a mouse comes to read it. It is easy to set up the mouse traps, and you will not have to may much hard work in catching them.

13. Sideshow Bob

You must be thinking of taunting Bob with the help of several rakes. But do not forget that Bob is a revenge seeker. It is not the best idea to insult him. Instead of this, you should ask him very nicely if he could sing all of The H.M.S. Pinafore.

14. Pushed In

It is an example of mystery street art. We get confused to recognise the intention of the art. If the two persons are parting from each other or the second one has pushed the first one.