Some Genius School Ideas That You Wish That You Had At The School.


Here are some genius school ideas you wish you had at school.

Some genius school ideas that make learning a lot more fun

1. Protractor Door:

Some genius school ideas that make learning a lot more fun

It is the door that students use to enter and exit their class. If you were having the kind of entry which is the same here, then you might also be interested in going into the maths class. It is the best idea so that children could attend the class with interest. They might always look forward to getting into it.

2. Slide Munich:

Slide munich Some genius school ideas that make learning a lot more fun

The slide shown in the picture is in the lobby of the technical university at Munich. And it in real operates as the slide. Students who get admission in this university are going to enjoy a lot there. Each day they will be happy to attend classes not to bunk them. And for children, they might wish to have the genius idea in their school to enjoy their living. It will bring a keen interest in students to get through the day.

3. Modern Periodic Table:

In some schools, we can see the idea of taking the new spin of the modern periodic table. It is the best way that students can get knowledge and set their brain accordingly. If this is the idea to place the chemicals, then you can learn the elements very quickly and accurately. The way is genius to make someone intelligent in knowledge.

4. Whoopie Wire:

In the computer lab, there is a network of computers placed together. And with those computers, there are some wires which can come in our feet, and we may fall. It is the chance of being risky. But at some schools, there is a proper wire holder which will keep their computers labs clean. Students would love to visit such labs. They would also like to go to school. It is in the hands of the teacher that how they make things possible for the students to enjoy their time. We all need such teachers in the school.

5. School Supply Vending:

The school is having a vending machine for the supply of stationery products to the students. It will save the time and that makes it the genius idea. There are many students who forget to bring their pen and pencil from home and they are asking others if they have some extra with them. If your classmate has one, then you can get it.

6. Exam Bubble Wrap:

The students can only tell about the stress that they are having while they are studying and preparing for exams. But the university is helping students to say how to get rid of stress by providing them with the bubble wraps to pop. The idea is genius as popping the wraps is stress-relieving and funny.

7. Mirror Cooking:

For those who want to have the cooking class in the school are very lucky. It is the best way that someone can teach cooking and also students can help their mother at work. There is one mirror in the classmate such that students can see what the teacher is doing. So every school should have one cooking class.

8. UBS Charge Needed:


The primary requirement for the people is to use their phones and to find the USB port to charge them or the other devices. The high schools have placed the solar panels and the USB port so that students can rest their phones for charging. It is the best way to save the energy and give students what they need.

9. Walking Speed Limit lane:

The lane is everywhere across the whole school campus. There is a different walking speed on the path. Text lane is for the students who are texting while walking. It will prevent students from chaos and erupts and fights. There are many problems that get solved with this idea.

10. Bike Desk:

The photograph is of A-grade classrooms where the desks are of the paddle such that students do not get bored while they are sitting. They will actively participate in the classroom activities. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. We have discussed the position, but the problem is the noise that paddles make. But if we look for the overall appearance, then it is a good idea.