School cafeteria lunches at its worst.


These Are Some Of The Grossest School Lunches.

The Grossest School Lunches In The U.S.

Cheesy Tortilla, debatable.

Is this even food? It does not resemble anything close to enchiladas. No wonder children throw tantrums every time they have to eat. Cause they are being fed garbage in this case.

These Are Some Of The Grossest School Lunches

Overdoing something can simply kill it.

It is true if you try overdoing something it just ruins the entire thing. In this case, a tad bit of overdoing of inventions has ruined the whole thing. I mean hamburger nuggets, who does that?

A variety of hundred things can result in a disaster.

This is one of the grossest school lunches in the U.S. this just looks like someone wanted to curse those children eating this food. And he spat on it and manhandled it cause he really hates children.

Is this something you eat?

Those nuggets should be really good to save this otherwise vomit looking dish. Do I see some trace of mustard? No no no. I should just let it go else it will haunt me forever.

Real or plastic?

This looks like a plastic coating on the chicken drumstick. I guess we should learn from this that when every other form of spices fails it is plastic to the rescue.

Savory or Dessert?

I wonder what the cook might have been thinking?


Can this from any angle look appetizing? I wonder what those kids have done to deserve such ruthless punishments.

Is this really what I think it is?

Are these guts? I have one word and only one–Awful.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

How contrasting! An apple with something that can get you instant food poisoning. The cook must have been arrested the next day.

No no no!

Who even has the heart to put this on a plate? I have not a single clue what sort of things went into the making of this dish. What is this, squirrel?

I don’t even want to look close.

Is this someone’s lunch? Looks like it has been picked up from the toilet though.

Looks like the brain matter of a dead alien

It looks disgusting and also I have no clue what it is. Looks like it has fetched from something unearthly and deadly.

Hot dogs and fries?

Is it weird that this seems a treat to me?

I guess not…because my eyes feel violated after all those before this. My brain seems dysfunctional at this point.