Check Out Some Airport Sightings That May Make You Chuckle


Unexpected airport sightings-There is only a few people for crazy about flying in the air and just some of them if got a chance love to travel in the airplane. There are endless lines, delay in the flights, expensive bookings, and the jet lags that a person gets frustrated very often. They also stumble on the hilarious occurrences that are lifting our spirits. Here are some airport images by watching who you will laugh while traveling for the next time.

Some Unexpected Airport Sightings That May Make You Chuckle

1. As we see in the picture below, we hope that he is not the only pilot who was riding the plane.

Some Unexpected Airport Sightings That May Make You Chuckle

One of the unexpected airport sightings. Look at the picture of the above man. He is blind, and people would feel that it should not be him that was flying our planes.

2. The lady in the middle of the picture does not care how many people are standing in a rush behind her

The old lady has no issues that she is carrying her paper bag along with her. She does care if she is going to get caught soon.

3. The cookie monster was busy in boarding the flight.

If a person looks at him at once, he will think that cookie monster is going to board his flight.

4. The machine is bringing you to do free X-Ray. Is anyone interested?

With that of luggage if a person will get into the X-ray machine, then he can also get scan his body. Well, it is just for the sake of laughing purpose.

5. We are well confirmed that traveling with toddlers was easy ever.

There you go with other unexpected sightings. No matter if you are going to travel on the plane, it is not easy to carry your children with you who are so naughty that the mother cannot take care of them.