Step by Step: How to get red lips


get red lips-Red lips have been a sign of sensuality for a very long time and look like still, it will be on the top, it also sometimes defines the class of a woman as well as it out brings the most beautiful feature of your face that is your lips. To get those scrumptious looking lips there is step by step procedure that could give the glamorous look and also help it to hold for a longer period of time and those steps are described briefly.

Step by Step: How to get red lips


How to get red lips

  • To get red lips the first thing that you have to do is to remove those natural lines on your lips and for that, you will have to use concealer and apply it before applying anything to make your lips smooth for better application.
  • Now use a red lip liner to mark on the edges and corners of your lips that is on both outward corners, on the philtrum of the lips.
  • And for the perfect shape of your lips, you can use a business card. Take the business card and put it a little bit up from the above lips, to prevent the smudging of the lipstick and connect the dots as well.
  • After connecting dots, now fill the rest of the space using the same red lip pencil and then apply your red lipstick using a small brush.
  • If you notice any smudging of the lips then you can conceal it by using an angled brush and your regular concealer.
  • Make sure that the concealer is the same shade as of your skin and apply it to make your lips look edgier.
  • And in the end, wear the dress you want to and look flawless for the whole day.