Best winged eyeliner tutorial-Women nowadays are going in for winged eyeliner because it looks elegant and suits every face. Irrespective of the occasion, you can rock your winged eyeliner look anywhere and everywhere. Gel eyeliners are suitable for creating the perfect wing, but you may use any other type of eyeliner as well. These easy steps will help you to get the desired winged eyeliner look without any mess. So, let’s start.

Step By Step Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Step By Step Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Things required:

  • Angled brush
  • Gel eyeliner


1. Dip your brush into the gel eyeliner and start from the arch. Outline the original shape of your eye. Give a little extent and lift up to the arch at the outer corner of the eye. Now, follow the real shape of the eye as you move towards the inner corner.

2. Draw another line close to the extended line. Make sure to leave some gap between the two lines at the outer corner and join them as you move towards the inner corner.

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3. After you’ve connected the two lines at the inner corner, start to fill in the gap. Make it as thick as you want it to be.

4. Make the eyeliner as dark as possible. Be careful not to make any mess while doing so. A darker eyeliner will make you look more elegant.

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5. Outline your lower lash line as well for a more defined look. Repeat this process with the other eye too. You’re all set to rock your look!