Correct These 8 Eyeliner Mistakes And Become A Pro In Applying Eyeliner


Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid-Of all the facial features, eyes are the most catchy and attractive. Whenever you look at a person, the first thing that draws your attention towards them is their eyes. Women like to enhance this facial feature of theirs. They make use of eye makeup to do that. One of the essential elements of eye makeup is eyeliner. From the simplest subtle look to a fancy one, all require an eyeliner. However, you might be making a few mistakes while applying eyeliner. Read out to find what those mistakes are and try to correct them right away!

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid

1.Not using a base.

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid

Applying a base should be your first and foremost move. But you’re skipping this step, aren’t you? A base such as a primer on your eyelids will provide a smooth surface to work on. It will also even out your skin tone. So, never skip this part! It’s a must.

2. Giving yourself the raccoon or panda look.

Some women have a habit of overdoing their eyeliner. Along with applying their eyeliner on the upper eyelid, they tend to apply it on the lower one as well. If you’re also one of these women, stop! If you darken the border of your entire eye, you’ll look no less than a raccoon or a panda.

3. Using a wrong technique.

If you’re not using tools like a scotch tape, start using them. It will make your work a lot easier, less time consuming and will provide you a perfect finish. If you can save yourself the trouble of working hard to get the perfect wing, why not do that?

4. Usine curler after applying eyeliner.

The correct time to curl your lashes is before applying the eyeliner and not after that. If you curl your lashes after applying eyeliner and mascara, it will give your eyes an uneven look.  So use it before applying your eyeliner.

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5. Not Blending your eyeliner.

For the perfect and less dramatic finish, don’t forget to blend your eyeliner after you’re done.

6. Using a dried out or very old eyeliner.

If you use dried out eyeliner, you’ll never get the perfect smooth finish. Make it a habit to use only a wet and new eyeliner.

7. Not lining your upper waterline.

You should always line the upper waterline of your eyes using a pencil eyeliner. If you don’t do so, there will be a definite gap between your eyelashes and your eyeliner. This gap will ruin your look significantly.

8. Using liquid eyeliner on your lower lashline.

Liquid eyeliner is meant only for your upper lashline. Never use it on your lower one. Use a pencil eyeliner instead.