Story Explaining That Why Relationship Is More Important Than The Children


Wife matters more than children-Well, in most cases, you must have found that for a husband his wife matters more than his children. Same here, we are with the example of Mike Berry to whom issues of a wife more and the reason why you must adopt his idea. The idea of the blog became much popular. But on the other hand, many people criticized while others got inspired by him. It has changed their way of thinking.

The parents were raising eight adopted children. And the couple had been happily married since seventeen years. The job that they conduct is to help others and the family to deal with the problems which would help them to build the best relationship.

Here we are to share an exciting story of Mike and his family that tell us wife matters more than children.

Story that says wife matters more than children

Mike gives warning to his two teenage daughters to go to their room at 8.30 pm, and at nine he asks them to move there finally. And he does this at every evening time. And later they indulge in an argument with each other daily. And the daughters would reply that why they should go too early as they are not children anymore.

And then Mike would reply that “You do not have to go to bed now, I am asking you to leave the room right at that time. Mom and I have not seen each other for the entire day because we were concentrated on doing the work. We need some time to be together.”

The girls always roll their eyes after hearing that.

Mike always says that he tried to make sure to make his relationship strong and healthy. Many reasons can be responsible for that, and hence we need to take care of them. Here he has explained four of them.

The healthy marriage always acts as the cornerstone for his home.

Children are not part of the cornerstone of the family. But they act as a considerable part of it. But in that case, we do not call them to hold the chaotic structure but the family. The most important members in the family are husband and wife or the partner. They are who carry all the responsibilities of the whole family. Children happen to choose their path by example.

Before the birth of children, it was us.

Before existence, we call ourselves two of us. The couple both fell in love and even missed their classes. They walk talking on the cell phone with each other. It was the beginning of their path. And later they decided to increase family and had beautiful children. Parents were happy to have them. But with that their marriage got scared. And they would have to do everything to protect their family.

After children, the couple turned us once again.

Nothing lasts for every time. One moment will surely come when the children would have grown up and then they would leave the nest. Mike says that I do not understand the matters in your house, but for him, he has no place in his home for the thirty-year-old child. They are now grown up and have their families. They should know how difficult it is to raise the children and hence they must leave his home to understand reality.

He wanted to strengthen his relationship with his wife and start again with her at the beginning. And for his future, they had to work on it from right now. Their relationship must be the priority. Of course, it was not that easy as it would be.

They wanted to set themselves to be the ultimate examples for the other couples.

Children always read and listen to the stories and hence they perform the actions in the same way. They follow our given footsteps. He wanted his children should grow up with a healthy attitude towards the children regarding dating, family, and love. They are close but after wife.

At the ending of the day, we all get tired and tense. And also children need us to share their thoughts with us. You should take care of them and also of your relationship. If the kids will find that there is a strong bond between their parents, then that means they love you.