Ten Exercises You Should Not Do If You Have Back Pain.


Back pain can be very tense and can restrict all the body movements if you don’t treat it in time. It also restricts you from performing all the daily activities. Your body needs to be seriously treated so that it does not get more serious. In case you are suffering from back pain then you should strictly avoid these ten exercises.

1. Lying Peg rises:

You should always try to avoid lying leg raise exercise as it puts a lot of strain on your back while you are trying to leave your leg and hip up from the floor. If you are suffering from back pain, then this type of exercise should be avoided.

2. The Glute Bridge Exercise:

This is an exercise that is usually prescribed to alleviate back pain but again if the exercise is not done correctly then it may increase the low back pain. This exercise should not be done if you have a severe back pain.

3. Shoulder Press Exercise:

Another exercise that you must take care of is the shoulder press exercise where your lower back is allowed to sway. This Exercise allows your whole weight to fall on your lower back.

4. Push-Ups:

Though push-ups seem to be very easy indeed, they are very difficult and may cause your back to be sore because of the intense body weight. You need to control your upper body while doing push-ups.

5. Bent over rows:

This exercise is considered to be very difficult that might can ruin your back condition. They are considered very bad for your back as it creates pressure on your spinal cord as well as on your back.

6. Pulling Up Heavy Weights:

This exercise is strictly avoided which is pulling heavy weights in the gym. This will not only break your back hamstring muscle but also create unnecessary pressure on your lower back and hips.


7. Superman:

Some Exercises prefer the welfare of the back can be quite bad for the bad as well. This is what Superman is all about. Superman consist of lying on your stomach and reaching your hands as well as feet towards the ceiling and pulling them back. This causes extra pain in the spine.

8. The Plank Exercise:

Plank is a great exercise if performed in the right way but if it is overdone, it may damage your back. Don’t do this exercise with a back pain as your spine can be at high risk of injury.

9. The Squat Exercises:

It is also not recommended when you have a serious back pain. When you squat around the floor your spine rounds and repeatedly extend under your weight and become a reason for serious back injury.

10. Toe Touching exercise:

Another exercise that can exaggerate your back pain is the toe touching exercise. Bending and touching your toes may pressurize your spine as well as your ligaments.