two women using laptops

As with anything that wishes to stand the test of time, Bingo has evolved – even if its predominant gender base hasn’t.

When you picture Bingo, you often think of graying old ladies in cardigans and orthopedic shoes, shuffling to Bingo halls where they make scarves and hats for their grandchildren in between games. But there’s a new, technological Bingo that is suited for Millennials, one that is available at many online casinos in the U.S., easily accessible, and still fun to play.

The demographics have changed as well. Recent surveys conducted have discovered that the average bingo player is between 25-35 years old – years away from cardigans and crocs. This is due, in large part, to online gaming becoming available not only on desktops and laptops but on most mobile devices, too.

When it comes to gender, Bingo remains firmly in the female population. A massive 62% of online Bingo players are women, but when it comes to Bingo Halls on land, it’s pretty evenly distributed. So what is the appeal of this game to the fairer sex?

Social Interaction 

It is no secret that most women are social beings who thrive in a similar company and their life experiences. It is also no secret that most women not only hold down full-time jobs but generally run the household and are the majority caretakers when it comes to offspring. Thus, a relaxing, warm and friendly environment is just what they need after a hard day’s work.

The atmosphere in a Bingo hall is very different from that anywhere else in the casino. It is competitive, and you can win money, but it also allows for a certain amount of social interaction with other players and even friends.

Considered a game of chance, there really is no practice, strategy, or skill you can employ – all that is needed is other players, bingo cards, numbers, and someone to call the numbers out. If you are playing online, all you need is a device and an internet connection.

This social aspect, combined with the ease of the game (you can play it anywhere you want to), means it has great appeal for women who either stay at home or work full time.

Many online bingo sites have recreated the experience of being in a Bingo Hall. The graphics and colors are fun and eye-catching, and it’s never a difficult game to understand or play.

Not only can you play Bingo online, but often women are directed to another female favorite – slots. In both these games, you have enticing sign-up bonuses, practice rounds, and even free games or free spins. There are always new and exciting features that can be accessed.

Marketing Mania

Knowing that women play more Bingo than men, it is no wonder that in both online and normal Bingo, the marketing will be directed towards women. Despite the strides, we have made regarding gender, and the consciousness that many more now have that gender is merely a social construct, it is still an important element to consider in the marketing field.

One need only look at face and beauty products to see how they are distinctly targeted at men and women in different ways. The packaging of Dove products is one example – the products for men use dark blue and gray colors, whilst the female products are a range of pastels – blue, green, and pink.

When it comes to Bingo online, similar colors such as light blue, pinks, and purples are employed to manipulate the female eye. Graphics and imagery may consist of subtle acknowledgments of ‘me’ time, shopping, clothes, and shoes, or even using figures that are only female. It all seems very blunt and stereotyped, but the truth is, it works – as evidenced by the numbers of female bingo players.

That is not to say there won’t be a mention or use of animations such as sports or cars.

Another marketing tool that is extremely effective and is loved by both genders is promotions. Free bingo games, rewards, great bonuses, and loyalty programs will all keep a player engaged, entertained, and coming back for more.

All in all, online Bingo is fun, enjoyable and comes with its own set of thrills that women find appealing.