Blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world, both online and offline, and the main reason why it is played so much is that it has one of the best odds available in a casino. It has the lowest house edge of all games (0.8%) when played by an experienced player using the basic strategy.

Blackjack gives you a huge chance to make substantial profits if you play using risk analysis and basic strategy. In its most classic form, the game consists of defeating the dealer by trying to reach 21 or as close to that number as possible, without exceeding it. The way in which the players can count the total is very simple: the aces are worth one or eleven depending on the case, the figures (K, Q, J) are worth ten, and the rest are worth the same value as indicated in the number. The different suits have no influence whatsoever.

If your goal is to become the best online blackjack player, you should learn basic strategy to apply it during the game, in order to know all possible combinations of cards, allowing you to play the best possible hand. Basic strategy is possible simply because the game is limited to a certain number of cards per hand.

The result of each combination of cards can be determined and compared in terms of the probabilities of obtaining the needed card from those that are available. Knowing when to hit, stand, open hands, or perform any other type of action required by the game is a fundamental key to winning. There is a mathematically verifiable and correct way to play each hand in the best possible way.

What is the best online blackjack?

There are several different variations of blackjack, from the classic “21” to the usual Double Exposure, Switch, MultiHand, and VIP, passing through other variations such as Single Deck, Atlantic City or Vegas Strip. The number of versions that you can find is pretty vast. The catalog is very extensive and each of these variants presents different special functions, additional games, and win options. Before playing at any blackjack online table, you must always take the necessary time to read the table´s rules.

In order to discover which is the best version for you, we recommend you to play all of them (in mode version for free, so you don´t lose real money) in order to determine which game suits you best according to your needs, goals, and budget. Of course, some versions are easier to play than others, and some require studying more difficult strategies.

It is important for you to keep this in mind before gambling real money; since finding which is the best online blackjack for money gambling depends entirely on your skills and determination to learn every single aspect of the game.

Live blackjack sites

Many online casinos are offering live casino rooms (“live casino”) which allow players to experience the same game mode, but with a higher dose of adrenaline. The game is guided by a live dealer with whom you can directly interact on every decision. Live blackjack rooms are very popular sections around the world nowadays, each game has its own variations and betting limits, so you have to pay attention to the previous information before getting into the excitement in real-time.

Reasons to play blackjack for real money

Blackjack is one of the easiest real money games after real money slots. It is one of the casino games that offer some of the highest odds of winning cash. It is relatively easy to calculate the odds in this game, making it really possible to develop a safe winning strategy for playing for real money.

Another reason to play this game for real money is the wide variety of casinos that offer blackjack tables for PC users or mobile blackjack modes for any type of player online and make it very easy to transfer money to your gaming account and withdraw your cash.
Most online casinos offer cash bonuses and promotions for the best blackjack players, not to mention online casino tournaments with attractive cash prizes.