Love is a complex and multidimensional term that people explore as long as they exist. Video games, as a part of human culture, contribute to this exploration too. The simplest way to do so is to look through porn game reviews and discover a lot for one’s amusement. In particular, if you are looking for adult pc games – check out game insider. Here you will find top adult games pc, and much more. Yet, in this article, we will dive much deeper.

The list of games presents entries that disclose love under unusual angles. These games go beyond boring romantic stories, and “they lived ever after.” If you are looking for something light-hearted and cheerful, then you should look somewhere else. But, if you crave something more meaningful from the video games love stories, then this list may serve you well. Without further ado, the list of best love story games for Pc.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age: Origins was one of the first video games that proposed complex relationships in gaming. Partners here were not an excuse for simple physical contact or as an object of revenge. They are full-fledged people with their bright and dark sides, secrets, and moments of triumph. The types of relations were different as well. The player could build a strong connection with a wide variety of characters:

  • Alister – a noble and a bit naive knight. His romance line is close to chivalry legends.
  • Sten – a stoic warrior-philosopher. The player could not build an actual couple with Sten, but they may grow a deep affection for each other.
  • Morrigan – a witch named after the character from Arthurian legends. She will present a dark romance with a femme fatal.

There are much more sapid and deep characters. Their romances intertwine with the main story progression. If you are looking for an intricate and interactive romantic experience – Dragon Age: Origins is your choice.

Assassins Creed: Origins

Usually, the Assassins Creed series associates with merciless characters and their vile acts. However, Assassins Creed: Origins manages to tell a meaningful and touching story of loving parents who have to part ways. The Assassins Creed series takes the motive of revenge as the core driver of the plot often. AC: Origins expands the simple idea of revenge for the sake of revenge and shows how loving parents try to cope with the pain of the loss. The evolution of relationships between Bayek and Aya is believable and relatable. Despite the flair of science fiction and pulp adventures, you can relate to them. AC: Origins is much more than a love story between two adult people, but their relations are what makes the whole game so special.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games of 2020 and, video games industry in general. The style of the game immerses players into the dystopian future of advanced cybernetics and intense relations. Love stories are a key part of Cyberpunk 2077 as well. Love, like everything else in a dystopian future, falls victim to corruption. It is hard to keep decent relations when the world is on fire. The protagonist may create romances with different characters. Intercourses with strangers are an option too. Another main character, Johny Silverhand, also has a strong romantic subplot. It explores human behavior extremes in stressful situations. Besides, Cyberpunk 2077 is not only a game with love plots but also an intense action-shooter. You may check out this gaming mouse pad buying guide to enhance your gaming experience.

Witcher 3

Players renown The Witcher series for many great achievements. They include in-game directing, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics. However, one of the most praised elements of the game is the ability for Geralt to choose one of the many love interests. The series evolved from juvenile erotic card collection to complex adult relationships. The protagonist of the series, Geralt of Rivia, is a competent professional and a passionate lover as well. In the first game, he needs to resolve all the personal issues he collected throughout the series.

Among fierce clashes between monsters, demons, and wraiths, the Witcher manages to tell a touching and very humane love stories. Side characters such as Red Baron, Olgerd, and many others, fall in love, try to save relationships, or find their demise because of them. Witcher 3 may present you with a great variety of complex love stories besides one of the best gaming sagas in general.


Hellblade is an unusual game in different ways. It raises the issues of mental health problems via the journey of the protagonist to hell itself. Senua, the main character of the game, swore to claim the soul of her loved one from Hella, the goddess of the underworld. Senua’s journey is a metaphorical path of acceptance, grief, and letting go of what remains in the past. During her journey, Senua faces the ghosts of her past – her parents, her loved one, and friends. Senua had a difficult life, but the presence of love in it made it happy. Love served as an excuse for extreme cruelty too. At the end of the day, the game explores love in a person’s life as a part of the whole. Hellblade is not a typical romantic story with a happy end but a unique experience that explores the topic of love in unconventional ways.

Bottom Line

Love may take a different form in real life, and video games as a form of art follow the tendency to change shapes and forms. Video games may use the theme of love as a trigger for marvelous adventures, or love may be an adventure itself. Players may interact with romantic interests or watch how the love story unravels before their eyes. Love may be only a tiny subplot of a game, or the whole experience may revolve around it. In one way or another, we are surrounded by love in gaming and should not avoid it in real life.