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Historical films make up an extensive collection, which includes movies about historical figures and times. They can be stories depicting historical events, or they also can be movies that feature historical characters following fictional storylines or vice versa. We know that many people enjoy watching movies about Queen Elizabeth and the royal family members, but it does not exhaust the historical repertoire on TV screens!

The Favourite – a film about the life of Queen Anne

It’s no surprise that the Oscar-winning Yorgos Lantimos-directed film opens the list of historical movies worth watching. The film is set in the early 18th-century-England, and the entire story unfolds around Queen Anne. The war between England and France is the background for the film’s story, and various political ploys show the protagonists from the uglier sides. It should be noted that The Favourite won an Oscar for the best leading role of Olivia Colman, among many other awards and nominations. Historical films about British Royal Family are good entertainment and revision of history lessons at the same time.

Coco Chanel – the history of the 20th-century fashion icon

There are many historical films about fashion designers. Real stories and dramas usually form a basis for writing a turbulent movie script. This is the case with Coco Chanel directed by Christian Duguay. Amazing Shirley MacLaine plays the leading role in the film. The story depicts the life of a young girl who grew up in an orphanage but developed into one of the most influential fashion icons of the twentieth century. The film shows the complex personality of young Coco very well and is also very nicely made.

Apollo 13 – a routine space flight turns into a nightmare

A great film by Ron Howard tells the story of a dangerous space explosion in 1970, during the routine flight of Apollo 13. The Americans had just returned from their first trip to the Moon, and the flight of Apollo 13 did not seem to be as exciting. The story takes a dramatic turn when the ship explodes unexpectedly, and the crew’s actions from then on are only aimed at getting them home alive. The film Apollo 13 won 2 Oscars, and it is undoubtedly one of the best films starring Tom Hanks.

The Darkest Hour – the shadow of war

Another historical film worth recommending is The Darkest Hour. This film tells the story of the Second World War events, when France was on the verge of collapse, while Great Britain trembled in fear of the impending invasion of the German army. Allied forces occupied the beaches of Dunkirk, and the future of Eastern Europe depended on the decisions of the newly elected Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill. The film clearly shows the hopelessness of the situation, in which the Allies found themselves. It also portrays Churchill as an efficient and determined politician. The lead role was played by fantastic Gary Oldman, who won the Oscar nomination for this performance.