Name an amazing and super fun video slot game by Red Tiger Gaming; yes, it is Esqueleto Mariachi! This game’s theme is macabre as well as colorful at the same time. The slot game is all about a band of skeletons having fun!

If you are looking for some exciting video slot game, then you must try Esqueleto Mariachi as soon as possible.

The Tyger

One of the best developers of video games, for table games, slot games, as well as online casinos, is Red Tiger Gaming. The company laid its foundation back in 2014. Right from the beginning, the company has been working on producing a great portfolio of games. They have also worked in partnership with the leading companies of the industry.

In addition to their success, back in 2017, Red Tiger Gaming was awarded the EGR Award for innovation in Slot Provision. In the fight to win the title, they managed to defeat leading companies like Quickspin and Playtech.

Dia de Muertos

The setting of the game is what makes it unique and exciting. The game is set in the colorful scenery of Dia de Muertos. The game follows through “The Day of The Dead.” The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that is observed from October 1st to November 2nd. This holiday is a part of an old tradition, where people visit their deceased family and friends’ graves. They practice this to honor the soul of their dead family and friends.

This tradition goes back to the time of ancient Aztec culture. People believe that at the time of the celebration, the souls of the dead come to the world of the living. The old tradition also believes that the spirits of the children (angelitos) arrive first and then follow the souls of adults. People go to the graveyard to spend time with their loved ones. The custom of the tradition also follows building a private altar and decorating the graves with sugar skulls, flowers, and candles.

You might be wondering that the atmosphere of this event would be gloomy and sad. However, it is the opposite! The holiday is celebrated with colors, good food, and groovy music. People dance to good sounds. They also bring toys for the dead children, write funny and happy epitaphs.

One of the most intriguing parts of their tradition is that they attach shells to their clothes. The reason behind doing this is when the people dance, the shells make noise. People believe that the noise of the shells will wake up the dead. Many people call it “the parades of the dead.” People dress up as ghosts and paint their faces into skulls.

The Merry Skeletons

Esqueleto Mariachi claims to be a 40 line slot game. The game consists of 4 rows and 5 reels. The best part of the video slot game is that you can win 1000 times your bet.

The game is filled with different symbols that carry different values. The highest paying symbols include a cactus wearing a dashing mustache, a bottle of tequila, a skull, and a sombrero. In comparison, the lowest paying symbols are the basic Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The game also has a wild symbol. This symbol is a very pretty signorita with a wreath of roses. Also, the face is covered as the skull (recreating the Mexican Holiday).

Along with the Wild symbol, the game also has some special features. The special features include:

  1. Guitarrista
  2. Trompetista
  3. Maraquero
  4. Mariachi Spins


Guitarrista is one of a kind Wild feature. Guitarrista is a guitar player. With the help of his guitar sound, he calls upon the Wils symbols in the game. You can never know when he will make a move. Guitarrista is just extremely unpredictable with his moves. One thing is for sure that whenever he decides to come in between the game, he will definitely up your chances of the win.


Trompetista is another feature that helps you win more and more lines in one spin. Trompetista is the one that gives you a respin feature. Just like Guitarrista, Trompetista has his own instrument. Trompetista is a trumpet player. He blows his instrument and re-shuffles the whole table.

You will always find him in the middle of the window on the right side of the reel. With the blast of his trumpet, he shuffles the table and makes more space for some new winning combinations. One of the best parts of this symbol is that it will definitely appear when the free spins are on.


Maraquero, just like the other features, plays a maracas. Maracas are a couple of rattles that were used in the pre-Columbian cultures. The intriguing thing about Maracas is that it was not only used as an instrument but also as a tool of divination.

Maraquero uses the sound of Maracas to shake the reel and bring in new winds. The Maraquero usually hides in a green shutter. You will find him in the top window on the right of the reel. He also comes in and makes an appearance whenever it pleases him. He is definitely a little unpredictable. However, you can expect him to visit at least once during the free spins.

Mariachi Spins

Mariachi Spins means it’s time to celebrate! These spins appear when all the three symbols, along with the skeletal trio, decides to come on the reels. Whenever this happens, you get a random number of free spins. After you get the free spins, the three Mariachi will make a solo appearance. The number of turns for each of the musicians will be displayed on the screen right below them.


This was all about the super exciting game Esqueleto Mariachi. We highly recommend you play this game at least once. We hope that you enjoy the game just as much we did. With a little luck and smart moves, you might be able to win rewards. Make sure to use all features to enjoy the colorful game to the fullest.

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