Writing is not an easy job; it’s hard to produce juicy content while conducting comprehensive research. This article will deal with the mantra to write a perfect article.

Writing is my obsession; I love to write on different topics. Well, sometimes it gets frustrating to write blogs. But it’s not a big deal to write something unique so that you can stand out from the crowd with a different approach.

If you are already running a blog and might be fed up with the bounce rate, then along with other technical issues, you will also need to write engaging content. You might even get more frustrated when a large number of people don’t click on your social media posts. You have only a few seconds to grab readers’ attention to persuade him/her enough to read your blog. You might be thinking that your marketing strategy might have failed, that might be true, but most importantly, you are not writing engaging content.

So, make sure to produce user-engaging content, we have listed down a few steps that can help you to reduce you’re your bounce rate.

1. Audience

Before writing anything, focus on the behavior of your audience, don’t guess what your audience wants, but instead conduct market research to know their needs. It might sound a bit complicated, but it isn’t. All you will need is to collect data from all the available sources. Look into the market what your audience is looking for. There are plenty of tools and platforms from where you can extract your desired data.

2. Compelling Titles

Your titles must not be limited to your keywords but try to make it engaging enough that it can persuade the user to click on the post. If your title is not compelling enough, then there are likely very few chances that your post will be shared or read. As you must have heard that “never judge a book by its cover,” but in the case of titles, it’s true that the audience judge blog by its title, and that is the reason blog post headline is crucial for the success of your blog.

3. Add Subheadings

You can even add subheadings to your blog to make it more attractive. Having a perfect format for your blog is essential. Reading a single giant paragraph is frustrating for the reader. So, try to split it into different sections. If it seems easy for the user to read the blog quickly, he/she will never go back.

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4. Bullet Points

As you might know that people scan an article before they start reading, so try to put your best information in bullet points. Apart from subheadings, bullets can help the reader t scan it quickly.

5. Add Images or Infographics

To make your blog more attractive, add images and infographics to deliver more information about the topic. Our brains process visual content more than text content. There are plenty of sources to make your content more engaging. Especially use infographics it will help the reader to grasp important information, and there are chances to make them loyal readers.

6. Inner Core

The inner core of your article is the most important part to consider, as it will lay out everything about your blog. Put all your efforts and conduct wide research to make it more attractive to the readers. Readers are very conscious before reading anything on the internet.


Write a precise conclusion to the blog, and answers all the possible questions that you think might be in the reader’s mind. Concentrate on your ending lines. As it will decide either the user is going to come back or will drift away.

If you are not good at writing, you can try an article rewriter or spinner by duplichecker.com to write a blog post. But remember, that’s not recommended. You will need to proofread and make it error-free. There are a lot of article spinners available on the internet and find the one that suits you.