When you go out of your house, you want to look perfect. You wish everything to be orderly, From your hair to your makeup, your clothes, and your shoes. More than what you wear, how you carry yourself counts. You want to look perfect every time, but unfortunately, sometimes you end up looking unkempt and messy.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid looking improper and messy. Make sure to follow them to view beautiful, the next time you step out of your house!


1. Plan well in advance

Even if you are to attend an unimportant event, make sure to plan well in advance. This planning should include what to wear, how to carry your hair, what type of makeup to put on and so on. This will ensure that everything goes on well and will avoid any last moment glitches.


2. Check out the weather conditions and dress accordingly!

It is essential that you keep the weather conditions in mind while dressing up, to avoid any discomfort later. Also, pick a color that suits the weather, for example, wearing black in scorching heat may make you regret later in the day!


3. Dress according to the place and occasion!

Dress according to the place you’re going to and also according to the occasion for which you’re dressing up. Avoiding this tip will make you commit a fashion blunder!


4. Know your size!

Wearing clothes which are too tight or too lose is a big no! Know your exact size and make sure whatever you dress fits you perfectly!


5. Don’t avoid minor flaws!

Little flaws will end up making you look shabby. For example, tiny bits of thread coming out of your outfit, or un-ironed outfit seems very bad. Make sure that you keep small lint removing roller or even small stitching kits with threads, needles and safety pins to fix any last minute problems. Always iron your outfit correctly before wearing it. It makes a huge difference!


6. Get trendy by adding some accessories!

Accessories always work wonders! You can team up your sweater with a scarf or muffler to get a trendy look. Make sure not to overdo it though!


7. Choice of material matters!

Try to avoid going for materials that get crumpled or creased easily. Stick to tried and tested well-known brands instead of experimenting too much and ending up looking shabby!


8. Make sure that the color of your outfit compliments your skin tone!

Do not go for too bright colors. Pick the colour that best suits your skin tone and looks elegant on you. Avoid experimenting too much when it comes to colors!


9. Say no to exotic prints!

If you want to choose a patterned outfit, make sure not to pick exotic prints. Go more for asymmetrical patterns which are tried and tested. Don’t select designs which will make you look clumsy.


10. Choose well fitted innerwear.

Choosing a wrong size of innerwear will not only make you uncomfortable but will also ruin your overall look. Make sure to select innerwear that fits you well.