Listen Up Lazy Girls! 10 Easy Beauty Hacks To Change Your Life


Beauty Hacks-It’s no secret that a girl’s morning beauty routine is a sacred time for us. We commit to it more than to our relationships with humans, apparently. But, despite the efforts and depths of hidden willpower, it takes to get up 2 hours early to start with it, it sometimes ends up being a mess because just one little thing didn’t go as planned and we end up cursing our very existence in this universe where nothing good ever happens! (Wow, that escalated quickly!). If only some kind people come up with quick-fixing hacks for our much-beloved beauty rituals. Oh, wait, US!

Like always, we have your back, ladies. Scroll on and be prepared for some life-changing beauty hacks.

1. Start With Them Brows

 Beauty Hacks

We aren’t all genetically gifted with thick, full and long eyebrows, right? But that shouldn’t stop you from slaying that looks. To get those eyebrows looking good, characterize the higher and lower eyebrow lines with an eyebrow pencil that best matches your eyebrow color and fill within the outlines with mild strokes. Make sure not to fill the temples excessively thick else it will look weird and grab too much-unwanted focus, there.

2. Extensive Comb To The Rescue!

If you’re experiencing a hair-fall, thinning hair or breakage, switch your regular hairbrush for a long or wide tooth hairbrush. Now, it will not solve the problem of fall or breakage, but because it is gentle on your strands, it can significantly reduce the damage.

3. Rookie Eye Liner Mistake

We love our liquid eyeliners for the perfect wings and the shiny, glossy finish they give. But, under no circumstances, should they be used for your lower under eyes. Doing that is just asking for trouble. Instead, pick up that pencil liner, or Kohl (or some eyeshadow for added effect) to define your beautiful eyes.

4. Pretty Pouty Lips

To make the perfect cupid’s bow, use the above picture as a reference. You can use any liquid, crayon or the conventional lipsticks for this.

5. The Perfect Wings Do Exist

Most of us don’t have the steady enough hand it takes to create a flawless wing, but that’s what beauty hacks are for. Instead of relying entirely on your fingers and crying at the slightest mistakes, stick some clear tape to form the shape you want, and then fill it in with some liquid or gel liner. Easy-peasy.

6. Save Time And Efforts With This Genius Trick

This is pretty self-explanatory, and perfect for those days when you’re feeling lazy or running late (or if you’re a lazy panda by nature).

7. Conceal Don’t Feel, Don’t Let It, Show…

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it hurt you when you create the wing of your lifetime and spot a minor glitch you made in an applying the liner? 11, right? Well, you don’t have to go through the pain again, my friend. Just bring out your concealer and use it to create the perfect line you intended on having. Top it with a layer of translucent powder to create the perfect illusion.

8. Compatibility Matters

You need to be picky when it comes to makeup. As it is expensive, (urgh, why!) so you can’t go around buying stuff left and right. Above is the right way to choose the foundation that matches your skin the best.

9. Can’t Find The Hair Band? No Problem!

Hairbands are a necessity but admit it; they’re never there when you need them the most! It’s like they sense urgent need and bolt. Such a jerk move. But you know where pencils are, don’t you? Right at the pencil stand, on the study table. So go ahead and just grab one for this quick hack.

10. Winged Liner Made Easy… AGAIN

Another winged liner hack because what can we say, we’re obsessed! Here are three pretty self-explanatory techniques to nail that wing. These are the 10 easy & life changing beauty hacks that you must try.