10 Winged Eyeliner Mistakes You Need To Stop Making ASAP


10 Eyeliner Mistakes-When it comes to facial beauty, the first thing that draws anyone’s attention 9 out of 10 times is eyes. So when it comes to makeup, why not give them that extra attention? Now, the eye-makeup discussion is thoroughly incomplete without your eyeliner. These babies are the most real gift of humanity to us ladies (a little exaggeration there, but you get me, don’t you?). Perfecting the eyeliner is quite an art, and like every other art, it takes time, patience and practice to learn.

However, you can get a jump-start by merely avoiding these rookie mistakes and slaying with those pretty eyes.

10 Winged Eyeliner Mistakes

1. Blunt Pencil

Eyeliner Mistakes

This is one of the common eyeliner mistakes, just like your HB’s, the eyeliner pencil needs to be correctly sharpened before you start with it. You can’t make a masterpiece with a blunt tool. If you use a liner pencil with a thick tip, your look won’t turn out to be precisely how you intend. Also, apply a thin layer first and then over it.

2. Colored Liner On Lower Lid

Now I’m not telling you to limit yourself in the shades of black. But coloring your lower lid in some bright shade is a big NO if you-your going for a winged liner. You’re combining two separate looks which are perfectly fine on their own but a disaster when mixed together.

3. Asymmetrical Wings

Okay, now we know that wings, I mean real wings, are dysfunctional when they’re not in symmetry. Similarly, asymmetrical eyeliner strokes are just the worst makeup mistake. It does take practice to get it right, but hey, better thin strokes than thick and long horrible looking wings, right?

4. Liquid Liner On Lower Eye Lid

Our lower lids are moist, if you apply liquid liner on it, I bet you can imagine what a nightmare it would cause if you just tend to tear up a little. Those shiny liquid perfections are for an upper lining. So, unless it’s Halloween and you’re going as a killer ghost bride or something, stick to pencil liners when it comes to lower lid lining.

5. Post Expiry Usage

Expiry dates are supposed to be taken very seriously. If you’re using a liner that’s past its due date, then not only will it be flaky and hard to apply, but also can cause damage, because it is a chemical after all. Just go and buy a new liner or use your kohl if you need one immediately.

6. The Lash-Liner Gap

It is just very noticeable, looks horrible and is the #1 rookie mistake anyone can make. It is better to wear no liner at all than to wear it like that. If you’re in too much of a hurry to mind the gap or carefully fill it in, you can use your Kohl or black eyeshadow to make the process quick.

7. Sloppy Wing Tips

What makes the winged liner slay is that sharp and angled end part. That is the essential distinction between a primary liner and a wing, and if you somehow screw that up, then what even is the point of the wing in the first place? Always keep that wing sharp and crisp, use clear tapes for assistance if you need to.

8. Pulling At Eyelids

It is tempting to stretch the eyelids while applying the liner, but what looks good on a pulled lid, won’t give a good finish when you release it as the lines become inconsistent. It is better to apply it directly without any tugging and pulling.

9. Lining The Inner Lower Eyelid

Applying liner in the inner part of your lower lid makes your eyes appear smaller, that’s the opposite of what we usually go for.

10. Mix-n-Match

There’s nothing wrong with trying out different things. But when it is about makeup, you can also get it right or wrong, either way drawing attention. But the latter kind of attention, we don’t want. So, unless you’re a person who can pull something like that off, my advice would be to not go for it.


  1. This article sounds very condescending. Not everyone is a professional, I’m sorry but having asymmetrical wings isn’t what we’re going for? It’s hard to make them exactly the same.

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