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Making an informed bet and winning thanks to your calculated prediction is highly satisfying. However, there is a consensus that some sports are more suited for betting than others. While it depends wholly on personal preferences, some competitions undeniably attract massive crowds!

Regardless of the sport you’re into, there are professional handicapper sites online like that you can use to your advantage. You’ll be able to save a lot of time when you take these picks while still giving yourself a good chance to win money.

If you are looking for some athletic (or not so much) activity to bet on, you should follow the crowd. Bigger sporting events attract more bettors meaning that you can expect better odds and higher limits as well as opportunities to watch competitions together with your friends and enjoy them even more thanks in part to literally higher stakes!

Which sports are the biggest crowd-pleasers?

Despite what some enthusiasts of niche sports like curling may tell you, the enjoyment of betting often correlates with the number of people making a prediction. There is a reason why fantasy sports are so popular. The overall enjoyment of any bettor needs to have as many spectators as possible. Some sports are more popular than others.

  • Football (or soccer for Americans) is a hugely popular game. It is the biggest team sport in the world. Millions of fans all across the globe make every single game enjoyable. With the arrival of international broadcast, many national leagues attract viewers from everywhere. Betting on derbies in Premier League or enjoying small-time games from other national leagues is quite satisfying! The highest potential reach of the Premier League is 4.6 billion people worldwide!
  • American football. While many people do not understand the game and may not be quite inclined to watch several dozen young athletes bash heads in exciting brawls, Super Bowls and other huge events in the US attract attention from all across the globe. The last super bowl was viewed 94 million times in the US alone.
  • UFC became quite popular over the last decade reaching incredible numbers in PPV with some events having such a strong global impact that they took news cycles by storm. The infamous bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor crashed some betting sites! It gathered 2.4 million paid PPV.
  • Cyber sports also have a strong fan following all over the globe. Yes, some sporting events like Formula 1 races or tennis tournaments are still much bigger but cybersports have huge events scattered throughout the year and have some independent events that still attract crowds. At the same time, the future of gaming looks bright and promising. It is a great time to start betting on DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

These are the most popular sections that you will find on betting sites. Nevertheless, there are also golfing events, the Olympics, various racing events, and boxing matches that may have such hype that other events in the same calendar month will pale in comparison.

Making informed bets

It is great to know which sports are more popular than others yet the most important thing is to know the sport in and out to make informed decisions when it comes to betting, Asia bookie can help. You will try to guess more often than not if you are not familiar with competitors and the technical aspects of sports that you are betting on.

The outcomes of every single match depend on a variety of factors including weather, match location, the physical condition of players, changes to the rules, or any other factor that may directly or indirectly affect the competition.

The popularity of a sport gives you an obscure advantage that some people may not be informed of. Here are some tips to learn how to be a better bettor:

  • Do not fall for good odds. It is a trap that many beginners fall into. Good odds often mean that bookies know something that you may not be aware of. A recent deal between two teams or unfavorable weather conditions may affect an upcoming event.
  • Read news and follow competitors on social media. A football player may have had an argument with their spouse which can easily affect their performance on the field. You can learn about such things on social media. On the other hand, the news cycle will bring you some insight if you do not skip your morning reading routine.
  • Make as many small bets as possible. Even the best bettors usually stay just above 52% win rate meaning that making money is all about knowing your odds and spreading your analytical skills across hundreds if not thousands of events. Do not think that you will make a fortune with a couple of correct guesses. It happens but quite rarely.

The main takeaway

It is quite important to choose sports to bet on wisely. The popularity of any given event or competition is a great indicator of how enjoyable and exciting your betting career is going to be.