Know what your palms say about your Marriage right here!!


Palmistry is a science which tells you about your personality traits and also about your future by studying the shape of lines in your hands and fingers. While some of you might believe it to be utter nonsense, there is a belief that our fortune is written in our hands hence for others it makes sense.

People send tons of money to get their hands read by professionals who have full knowledge of palmistry. But if you wish to know how your marriage will turn out to be, you can find that out here:


The art of palmistry will give you a rough idea about your future fortunes. They may not turn out exactly the same, but the results will be somewhat close. So if you wish to know about your married life in future, combine both of your hands as shown in the picture above.Make sure to connect all the lines of both the pinky fingers exactly to each other.


Keep them straight!

For the accurate reading, keep your hands tight and completely straight. If you fold or cup your hands, you will end up getting incorrect results.


Now look carefully

Now check your heart line as shown in the picture above. Notice if the left hand’s line is higher than, lower than or at the same height as the right hand’s heart line. The results will help you to find out something great. Now, check the results below:


If both are at the same height

You are very cautious while making life decisions. You are well organized and like to do things a certain way. You are intelligent and you will never make any careless of the hasty decision in your life. So, while choosing a life partner also, you’ll make the right decision.


If the right hand’s line is higher than that of the left hand

You’re a free soul and you love freedom way too much. You are more mature than any person of your age. You will be a good lover and not care about what society thinks of you. You might attract someone elder than you in your life because of your wisdom, and you’ll not give a thought to the age barriers!


If the left hand’s line is higher than that of the right hand

Your passion for your spouse will be unmatched. You believe in being independent and so you’ll not crave looking for love all your life, but when you do find it, you’ll love without any boundaries. You’ll stick to your love whole-heartedly!