Things Children Should Learn To Do Themselves Before They Turn 13


Things children should learn before 13-There are a certain number of life skills that a child should learn to do himself/herself by the age of thirteen. Psychologists opine that teenage years start from the age of nine to the age of thirteen. This period is known as the transition period in which the parents should make sure to teach some critical tasks to help their kids grow mentally and help them to learn to be independent. Here is a list of some life skills that the children shall master till the time they turn thirteen.

Things children should learn before 13

Earn and manage money

things children should learn before 13

The management of money is important for the whole life. Parents can start by imparting financial knowledge to their kids as early as when they learn to count. Children should be able to save money from their pocket-money, be aware of how much the basic household necessities cost, be mindful of the difference between debit and credit cards and be able to make accurate decisions about spending and saving money, by the age of thirteen.

Help in basic household chores

From the early age only, children can help out in primary chores such as cleaning up after a meal or gathering their clothes during laundry time. However, as they grow up parents should give them a little more responsibilities and go easy with them. Till the time they turn thirteen, they should know how to iron their clothes, unload the dishwasher, change bedsheets and tidy up a kitchen. A child can help with these basic things, and it will only assist in building their independent spirit. Parents on their side shall encourage their children to do some basic household tasks.

Prepare some dishes

Cooking is a skill that should be known to everyone and parents should start teaching how to cook some easy dishes to their children which will prove quite advantageous when they grow old. There are plenty of easy recipes for starters like sandwiches, scrambled eggs, pasta, soup, salads and many more. Children at the age of thirteen should be well aware of the working of the different types of kitchen equipment; while at it do not forget to give some safety instructions to your little ones so that they do not get hurt.

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is the easiest task on the list and with its help children can learn how to make a grocery list and not to exceed the budget limit. Teach them how to read nutrition labels accurately and even how to find good deals. This skill is easy but essential to obtain.

Personal hygiene

Parents sometimes assume that their children will acquire basic personal hygiene skills by the time itself. That, in fact, is not true at all. Not only teachers but also parents should discuss specific topics with their kids such as the importance of showering daily, changing clothes, shaving, oral hygiene and much more. Remember to be a good role model yourself if you want your child to listen to you on this subject.

Basic first aid

Necessary first aid skills are very vital for children to acquire. These skills come in handy when they are hurt or even if someone else around them needs help. Schools should also include first aid education in their curriculum as this skill is very crucial. Some studies tell us that four to five-year-olds can easily memorise emergency contacts, examine a person’s breathing and memorise the exact recovery positions. Some other skills for older children include treating a wound that is bleeding and even treating bee stings and burns.

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Social skills and manners

It is very crucial to make your child learn some manners. Teach them to be polite, respect others, respect others’ choices, be gentle and many such etiquettes. Point out all the rights and wrongs to them. Teach them table manners as soon as possible. These skills are going to set an important base for your kid.

Time management

Being productive and managing time is one of the many skills that are required by everyone all the time. If you teach them how to manage time efficiently from a young age, they would not be troubled to assign different tasks, the correct amount of time it needs.

Parenting is an enormous responsibility. Be sure to impart all the wisdom to your little ones so that they can overcome all the hurdles that life has to offer. Teach your child these basic skills and be on the right track of parenting.