Roses are red. Violets are blue. What are the things men do when they are in love with you? Here’s a secret: real love isn’t all that you see on the big screen. Just because you don’t kiss and dance in the rain or he didn’t stand outside your bedroom window with a boom box in hand, doesn’t mean that he’s not in love with you.

Here’s the thing: the key to knowing what real love looks like, is paying close attention. To what, you might ask? Well, this is where this article will come in handy. Because to be sure that love is in the air, you need to observe these 12 things in your pair!

Things men do when they are in love

1. A Man of His Word is the Man for His Girl

Things men do when they are in love

He promised to pick you up from the airport after a long flight, but the heavens had a broadcast streaming of Youtube’s most depressing puppies dying videos, and it started to rain hard. You get a text from your man saying he can’t pick you up because of the weather. What do you do? Forget him!

On the other hand, if he keeps his word even about silly promises such as covering for your shift in taking out the trash tonight or renting your favorite film tomorrow. Whether it’s about picking you up from work or keeping your secrets, if he keeps you on top of his priorities, then he’s the man.

2. The Lover that Gets with Your Friends (and Family)

A real man knows how to treat people with respect, especially those who mean a lot to his girl. You know that he wants to be your lover when he knows how to get with your girlfriends and most importantly, your family. If he gets along with the people you love, he’s a keeper! If he remembers details like your mom’s birthday or your dad’s favorite basketball team, marry him!

3. The Dream Man is a Fan

You know what? Screw movies and their constant romanticizing of jealousy and overprotectiveness in relationships. The classic “You’re mine, no one else’s” growl may sound sexy, but what’s not is how some partners are too restrictive and unsupportive of the other’s goals and interests.

You’d want a man who ultimately trusts your choices and your motives. And one quick thing: he doesn’t need to check on you 24/7 because he’s not your bodyguard. He shouldn’t criticize the way you dress because he’s not your stylist. He shouldn’t be suspicious of your actions because he’s not a detective. If anything, he should back you up in everything you do, because he’s your man.