Some Facts That Should Know Not To Post Online


Well, it is the modern world, and we can see that everyone makes the best use of their gadgets to make their relationships possible for them. They wish their partners and their loved ones good morning with the online chat on Whatsapp and also check the updates on the day after every one hour to see what is a new hot topic to talk about something.

Now the use of social media is too much that people are always busy with their mobile phones thinking and chatting with others. But it is the way that someone can talk to their loved ones very often and a medium to help and grow the relationship. It is a source to tell us that what is happening in the outside world and the single notification of the message helps in keeping us reminded of the birthdays and the natural disasters. It can confuse us very often. It can post help us in posting about the relationships reminders.

Things not to post online

Things not to post online

We meet new people and met new friends online and also fall in love with them. It increases the privacy in our lives and even tries to solve the small fights that we had a few hours before through the posting. There are many things not to post online that we should maintain in our relationships. Here are some of them to look.

Do not give away the personal information of your partner.

Before posting something on social media, you must ask once your partner if he is not having some problem and the post is regarding him. Facebook is the social media where we share many things so that our friends can see them and give their comments and before leaking the personal information you must think that is there any requirement to post it or not. There are many things that your partner might like to keep them to yourself.

Do not blast to ask him to come online.

Never use the statements such as “How could you forget and expect forgiveness?” These statements are not right on your part, and it never seems ok to the listener. It will create a lot of interests and also it will bring comments on your posts.

But along with that, your privacy gets hindrance with this. Your partner would not be happy to read this post of yours. To save your relationship, you must always think of keeping it private.

The time when you are going to share your CT scan.

If you are soon to be a mother and you want to share your happiness with others, then you will have to wait for the completion of the third month after you get the good news. Well, if you want that people should give you blessings, it is a right thing, but they will even give when you share it later in the fourth month.

Always you must think of keeping some privacy with your partner.

The photograph of your partner kissing you.


When you click a picture with your partner, it is almost a selfie with him. But that means instead of spending time with each other and rather than enjoying the moments you both are busy with the clicks. And at that moment only one thing comes into your mind, and that is which one to post and what should be the caption.

Now if you will think over the matter, then I guess you must know that the precious time is not for taking pictures. No question we should take the photographs to keep it as a memory but with that one or two is enough.

One gift that he gives you

No matter how many followers you have on Instagram, but the girl gets impressed with the gift like a diamond for them. But we should know that even small gifts matter a lot, and we should get pleasure with candy if your partner brings for you. It is a precious moment that you spend with him, and so his gifts mean a lot.