5 Ordinary Things That Might Get You Arrested In The Foreign Countries


Things that can get you arrested in foreign countries-Before planning your vacation, you need to be careful regarding your local laws that can even turn to be harsh and even those applied to foreign tourists. But at last, it is also possible to end up in jail. The jail can be due to collecting the seashells or if you apply the poppy seeds that you might find on the sandwich. We have made our halfway through traveling around the world. It is when you get a warning for those everyday products then you should not visit abroad if you don’t want to see the walls of the jail.

Collecting the seashells, feeding the fish, and then carrying the playing cards along with you in Thailand

5 Things that can get you arrested in foreign countries

This is one of the things that can get you arrested in a foreign country. The police officer in Thailand can put you in jail in the prohibition for collecting the seashells and the corals when you visit a beach. A Russian tourist also got arrested because of the same allegations put on her. They were all in custody for the crime. Else you will have to pay fine if you don’t want to be in jail for that long period.

Well, it is swift to get into jail in sunny Thailand. If you do not want to be there in prison, then make sure that you do not gather seashells. Also, you will not have to feed the fish that live in water where even corals grow. For such a case, the police can put you in jail for complete one year. It is a crime. A tourist got arrested there because she was feeding fish. And even for taking the picture with it. Later she got released with the help of those diplomats. But in the end, she had to pay the fine.

In sunbathing, you might decide even to play the cards. Here again, you would need to rethink on the matter. There was a local law for the prohibition on the basis for playing with more than 120 cards. Hence they will put you in jail if people find you more than two card decks. Even they will imprison you if they suspect for gambling.

Swearing is one of the things that can get you arrested in Australia

Even while cracking a joke, it is better to have control over yourself when you prefer to talk to the Australians. Even if you say the word in case of the fun, then also you might get imprisonment for the next six months. Hence please avoid answering the same.

Establishing a connection with Wi-Fi of another person in Singapore

It is a crime meant in Singapore. You must be careful when you try to connect with someone’s Wi-Fi. If you will not notify the owner and try to combine, then it moves against the law. According to the law, it is the connection like the hacker attack. You will get the punishment for at least three years for the same.

Walking without an ID in Japan


Japan is known as the Land Of Rising Sun. And hence there you will have to carry your ID cards along with you. If in a particular case police stop you then they will ask for the ID card, and if you do not have, then they will arrest you for the next 23 days.

Also, be careful while taking your medicines along with you. It is because of drug prohibition in Japan. Also, they will ask you to avoid the cold medication. You need to pay attention to the list of the not accepted medicines before going to the vacation because they will check them at the airport right there.

Eating the poppy cake and then moving the way to Dubai

Get ready for the examination test if you have planned to visit UAE. In the country, a little reason can become for the arrest of people. A Swiss person got arrested in Dubai and imprisoned for the next four years. The aim was untidiness. Untidiness was because he was carrying the poppy seeds in his pocket. And also he has eaten the poppy cake at some airport from where he arrived in Dubai.