8 Best Trick To Take Your Photos To The Next Level


Best tricks to capture perfect pictures-Well, it is also a talent to achieve a degree in photography. It would cost you more than $6000 to achieve your goal. But still, the world feels happiest with the visual media. In this case, we need to stand out even if you think an amateur. And hence here we bring helpful tips for you. I am sure you will love them. We are big fans of photography and therefore we are here to improve your skills and teach you to capture the best.

The first step is to use the old milk bottle.

8 tricks to capture perfect pictures

To put in front of the camera, you need to use a plastic piece by cutting it from the bottle. It will soften the ray of light coming from the flash. The best case is when you use the carton with plastic because the clear one will not give that change as we need.

Prepare a macro lens from the plastic bottle

It is one of the simple tricks to capture perfect pictures. A DIY to give a macro lens for the mere pennies. You need to follow a few steps given below.

Cut off the ends of the plastic bottle. Now you need to paint the tube that you got after many manipulations. It would give the best results by using the spray paint that offers a nice ventilated place. Cut off the handle held of the magnifying glass. And now push the glass such that you can let it fit tightly inside the prepared black tube. Now hold down the lens of the camera such that it would capture magnifying images.

Textures are best to give the depth

Now you need to experiment on the object that you want to take a photograph. Take the picture from that with some cohesive ground. Always make sure to perform it in the further way such that it is away from to create the depth. Doing with the several focal points would be ok. It would turn your photograph a bit interesting. And now your camera is ready to show off the object of focus on it.

A handmade camera stands for the best capture.

Well, you can find the same camera to stand in the store or prepare it for yourself. You need to take the small pillowcase such that to fill it with the dry lentils. Well, lentils can even help you in regulating the softness by adding it. Now zip it or sew it properly. Now a brand new camera stand is here for you.

The vaseline retro effect from the camera

Well, here in the case, you will have to provide vaseline to give on the pictures on the rim of retro around its edges. Later you can clean the side and free it from vaseline using the soft cloth or some compound used for cleaning the glass.

One of the best tricks to capture perfect pictures with the handmade prepared light

Well, not many of us are in favor to spend some extra money on the professional ring light. But still, I believe you can enjoy the benefits of the same. You need to cut down a ring shape from the carton and then wrap it down using tin foil all around. Also, give a couple of layers on it. Around one ring take the led light and glue them. Make sure that you put glue on the cords and not on the lights by itself. Now fix your camera at the stand or any other tall place.

Distorted edges

It is the cooling effect that I am sure you are going to love it. Take a plain plastic bag and then cut the hole on its one side. Wrap the same around the lens of a camera. Now adjust the practical focus of the camera accordingly.

A magnifying glass is perfect to capture the macro shots

It is another quick trick for you to capture the macro pictures. Well, many of us do not want to spend money for lens extension. But the process of magnifying glass has made it easy for us. Put it over the object you want to focus. And for even more interesting ones, you can go with side capture.