Some Details That Can Make You Look Older Than You are


Things that make you look older-Pollution and other harmful things have done enough damage to our skin. You do not want to add another thing that will make you look older by making some wrong fashion choices. Have you heard about the term “enclothed cognition”? When we pick an outfit for the day, we subconsciously adopt specific characteristics that are associated with it, which in scientifical terms is known as enclothed cognition. So be careful while choosing a dress for the day as it will most certainly affect your mood and self-perception. We have gathered for you a list of mistakes that we often overlook which make us look older than we are.

Here are the things that make you look older

Keep your neck open

Things that make you look older

Turtleneck is not only out of style right now but also adds a few numbers to your age. So you have another reason to stay away from a turtleneck in this hot and humid weather. Choose an alternative cut rather than a turtleneck.

No long skirts

Things that make you look older

If you want to look younger, then long skirts are not the right way for it. Some girls are not comfortable enough in mini-skirts and so for you, the knee length skirts are the one. Knee length skirts and mini-skirts, both, with pretty designs and just the right colour make you look elegant and younger.

Blazer instead of a cardigan

Leave your cardigans at home and go for a smart blazer instead. It will not only add a stylish twist to your outfit but also is quite ‘in’ these days. For professional places blazers look quite stunning on the ladies. So yeah, replace your cardigans with blazers.

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No scarves unless it is cold outside

Scarves are way too out of fashion and are the things that make you look older. So try to avoid wearing scarves unless the weather is cold or windy. Leave the scarves to the 80s. Let your neck breathe and be free of clothing.

Light makeup

Loud makeup even when your outfit is pretty casual is not the way to go. Loud makeups shall be chosen for the evening and that too according to your outfit. Add more nude shades to the collection of your makeup products. Besides this, light makeup also makes you look younger.

Say NO to oversized clothing

Okay, I know that oversized clothing has been around and still its kind of a fad among the youngsters. The thing about oversized clothing is that they look cute on a very few people. So the next time you go shopping, do not spend your money on that oversized t-shirt and buy a blouse which fits you like a glove instead.

Do not go for floral prints

Floral prints are not a wise choice if you want to look younger as they are quite old-fashioned. Plain, pastel colours are the new sexy. They give you a classy look which you are going to adore.

Do not cut your hair too short

There are only a few girls who can pull off a way too short hairstyle and so, I would recommend not to cut your hair lesser than shoulder length. Wear a bob or long hair if your hair is thick and healthy and has volume. Short hair does look stylish sometimes, no disagreement there, but it may add a few years to your actual age.

Stay away from fake tans

Fake tans are going to highlight all the wrinkles and areas on your face that you have been trying hard to hide. So, for this reason, say a firn ‘no’ to these fake tans. Choose the cream with SPF and get a natural and even tan which is not going to highlight unnecessary details.

If you have something in mind that adds to a woman’s age and has been skipped from the article, then go ahead and comment below some of your suggestions. Were you also making these common mistakes? If yes then you need to follow the article, and you can see for yourself the change that you will begin to notice.