Some Restaurant Situations Which Makes Waiters Hate Customers.


Things that waiters hate about customers-Talking with someone politely and with some manners don’t make us small. But some people take these things on their ego. Whenever we go to a restaurant, we think that waiters are our servants and we can treat them the way we want. But it is not right.

In the given article we are going to tell you some facts that waiters don’t like about their guests.

Ordering Food Immediately

Things that waiters hate

Waiters are very fond of guests in their restaurants. But when people don’t behave properly, then they don’t like them. When we go to restaurants, we think that we should immediately order the food without harassing the waiters. The way we think about them is not right because they must come to their customers first. Waiters already have so many customers on other tables, and they have to complete their orders early. So that is why you should not order the food immediately because it makes the waiters work hectic.

Piling up plates

Things that waiters hate about customers

People think that they are making waiters work easy by piling up the dishes. In reality, it makes their work more difficult.

The most common mistake that people do that they put their plates on the corner of the table to show that they finished their food. You should not do this because waiters can see themselves in your finished food.

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Thanking Too Much.

Things that waiters hate about customers

So many times we liked the food in the restaurants, but it doesn’t mean that we go to the owner, manager or chef to say thank you. We can thank them By giving some tips to the waiter and saying thank you to him. Thanking them one by one wastes the restaurants and your time.

Cleaning up after an accident.

Things that waiters hate about customers

Sometimes crockery gets broken in restaurants while using and you should not start piling it from the ground. It is a waiter’s duty, and if you pile them up, it will make their work difficult. You should leave the broken pieces and let the waiters clean all the mess.

Helping a waiter.

Things that waiters hate about customers

All waiters have their tactics to clean the table and collecting the plates, so you should not try to help the waiters in obtaining the dishes or anything else. People think that they are showing sympathy or courtesy by assisting them to, but it makes their work hard. You can help them by removing your things from the table like your phone, wallet, etc.

Being silent when something is wrong.

We all are human beings, and we make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that we are wrong. In restaurants, sometimes waiters forget something from your order because they have so much work to do. The people who started shouting on the waiters for some silly reasons make their job difficult and put their image down. It is not a big thing if you remind a waiter politely to bring your stuff again.

Choosing a seat by yourself.

Every restaurant has its seating procedures, and we should take a seat according to them. When we choose a place by our own choice, then it becomes difficult for their staff to attend us and they get delayed in taking our order. You should always carry a seat according to their seating procedures so that you could get attention quickly.

Ordering from a different waiter.

Whenever you go to a restaurant, always choose one waiter and take work from him. If you get work from different waiters, then it makes kiosks, and they will not understand your order completely. Ordering things from different waiters make your order double.