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Video editing is becoming famous with every passing day. People admire and enjoy visual content more than written content. Although you can hire professional video editors anytime, you can also learn the editing. One of the greatest benefits of doing video editing yourself is that your video will always be according to your choice. Besides, mastering a skill is always beneficial as it never goes waste. Hiring a video editor is always a hectic job as a professional task requires a professional person. But once you have got your hands on video editing, you will not need anybody else to do this job for you. This has made a lot easier due to the internet as all kind of lectures and hints are already available on the internet. This is known as information available on the click of the cursor. Following is the list of things you need to know before doing video editing.

1- Plan Plan and Plan

You can do a lot of things without planning them. But the professional work demand perfection, and hence planning is crucial in this matter. Plan all of your videos before even starting it. Draw sketches, make and idea, choose a location, plan the time of the day, contact the required people, etc. But always plan it before jumping into this task. In this way, it will always take less of your time, and you will complete it without any hustle or headache. Even plan your editing flow. Before starting editing your video, have a look at it. And plan the areas you want to edit and how.

2- Standard Editing Cut

The standard cut is used to join two different video clips together. They join together and make one video. This basic cut does not require any hard skills to do this. You just have to choose the video seconds and simply join them together.

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3- Montage Editing

Montage is like a trailer or a video. It is the most popular editing method used worldwide and in different ways. It gives a detailed overview of the whole video in smaller cuts. All of the videos are represented in a short period using the montage editing technique.

4- Cross dissolve a video

Cross dissolve technique is used to display multiple shots of different places happening at the same time. Cross dissolve signifies the time. You can use it to merge a shot from video speech and similar videos. In this technique, you just merge two videos, but their several frames are merged in such a way that one of them is shown and then other.

5- Wipe animation

Wipe animation is very unique, and my favorite two. While merging two shots, there will always be a barrier between them. To cover that barrier and show them as one shot, you just have to add a transition or an animation which create a bridge between them. Wipe animation blurs or wipes the frame from the first video and start the other video. This technique makes the video look so natural.

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6- Invisible cut in editing

Only a professional video editor can do invisible cut in editing. It is a technique in which a various number of shots are mixed but in a very beautiful way that nobody can tell the difference. The editors, usually make the whole scene dark or white to do the cut. But that is not an invisible cut, in invisible cut, all of the colors of one scene must be same as the colors of the first frame of the next video.

7- Match Cut

It is used to maintain the coherence in two different scenes. You can use this editing technique to either join two different scenes or to move around a space. One of the clear examples is shooting a view of a person from its front and then adding a scene from its back. Or it can be a scene in which a person is opening a door and then a scene from the back of that person.

8- Get yourself some royalty-free music

You can always create your videos, good or bad. But what about the music? Nowadays if you copy music from some other place, it ends up as a copyright issue. And in worse cases, your site gets blacklisted. So you must add royalty-free music to your free video. There are so many websites which provide royalty-free music which you can add to your websites. Following are some very good and famous sites for this purpose:

  • Looperman
  • Converse sample library
  • Youtube audio library
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9- Free tools to make and edit videos

Several websites, software, and tools are available on the internet for free. Even a non-professional can learn their usage. I have listed some of the most famous tools here for your ease and convenience.

  • Quik by Go Pro to make simple videos
  • Lumen 5 to turn images into videos
  • Teleprompter video creator for not memorizing the dialogues
  • Giphy to make GIFs from videos
  • Resolve to edit videos on your desktop
  • Power Director to edit videos on your mobile phone

Always try to make your videos yourself instead fo hiring somebody else for the job. Because there are chances that you will end up hiring a non-professional person who will utilize your precious time and resources and still not give you anything in return. So this is very much important that you give maximum priority to your time and your work. Quality matters a lot. There is no reason to compromise on quality. Beside try adding thumbnails and captions to the videos. Thumbnails are the headlines of your video. This is the first impression of your video and the very first thing which can attract the viewers to watch it. Those thumbnails and captions of your video will make it friendly for the viewers, and they will enjoy watching your video.

It is not only about how you create the video but also about how and where you upload them. So always keep these things in mind. Try choosing a platform where your target audience is already in large number. And always keep your audience engaged, so they do not miss out any video from your side.