Things to learn from the web summit 2018-The 2018 Web summit has been called the best one on the planet by Forbes. It hosted around 70,000 attendees from 160 countries, where start-ups and industry giants all came together to share their ideas and thoughts. It was declared the largest technological conference till that.

Things To Learn From The Web Summit 2018

As far as the three days are concerned, they were piled with debates, speeches, and power talks from people around the world who have made a difference. There is a lot to gather from this summit but let us take a look at the top six things one could take from this summit.

Need for Entrepreneurs who are passionate about the environment:

With every passing day, we are robbing the atmosphere of its resources and a time will come when it will too late to go back. So specific talks reflect on this issue especially the one from Patagonia’s climate head Rick Ridgeway. Patagonia is known to be a brand that promotes life’s higher cause, and Rick Ridgeway inspired other entrepreneurs to follow him on this journey.

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Need for a better web:

This lesson of thought ironically came from the founder of WWW, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He shed light on the internet that was initially designed and based on. It was meant to serve the people, connect them and allow the ability to share knowledge around the globe for free. But with the negativity all around, our internet has lost its cause too. A thing initially designed to serve society is being used to turn a society entirely upside down.

Things To Learn From The Web Summit 2018

Your company needs a purpose:

This was a question from Rick Ridgeway where he asked the audience about their true meaning for starting a business. His company’s 1% revenue is always donated or shared for environmental projects even if there was no profit in that entire year.

Sure money is a career deciding factor, as for some people money is more important than even the job. Being an entrepreneur is a struggle, but it has its privileges as gradually a time comes when everything gets settled, and you start earning a wealthy living. However, you definitely can’t be a successful entrepreneur if you are in it just for the money. Having a purpose for your startup gives it a reason not to fail and also gives you the passion for working hard on your idea. You might fail in the initial attempts, but if your plan is stable, then hard work will eventually pay off.

Rick even concluded his speech on the Web summit, 2018 by saying, “Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life!”

The government needs to keep up:

As the years are passing by, we see tremendous advancements and achievements in the field of technology and science. However, what is our government doing to help with this cause? With the improvement of machine learning, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and data encryption, technology is indeed able to now provide security to the citizens of the society in any matter.

Trying to keep up with these advancements and changes in our Government. The Government needs to understand the framework of this new technology and how it is helping to develop a more secure society. Times are changing, and the government needs to realize the developments of the modern world soon.

Things To Learn From The Web Summit 2018

Robots making their way:

Robotics together with machines have come a long way now. Sure it is fun to see robots show their expressions, emotions, teach other languages and so much more during interactions, however, the possibility of having an utterly automatic vehicle is probably the one question on everybody’s mind.

Imagine if shortly you book an UBER, and a fully automatic driverless vehicle pops up. This is indeed the future everyone is working on. Now, if this becomes a reality and we need to travel to someplace else late at night, then it won’t be a concern. The automatic car will choose the shortest and safest path, and you will be at your destination right on time.


Planning is the way to go:

You can’t just become an entrepreneur overnight. Sure you might have an idea that you know will change everybody’s mindset. But it is all in vain if everything is not done according to a plan. A plan, especially in business, manages every aspect of a startup and gives out a detailed description of what needs to be done. So before jumping on to conclusions about being a successful entrepreneur, first make a plan that will have detailed instructions list determining what needs to be done. Many of the speeches on the summit reflected on this aspect for a new startup