How women work to gain an extraordinary attention


Gain attention-Women are said as the most delicate and innocent creation of God. They are supposed as the symbol of beauty and this beauty becomes the weakness of men. Ladies know how to use their beauty in a perfect manner and also they know the way to convince the men to be knelt down in front of them. They just use their beauty and manipulating art to convince the men on any topic. Men are supposed to be practical and authentic in their life still they cannot use their logic in the matter of the women. Sometimes it seems like they want to live in utopia and they want to feel the false happiness. Maybe some of the men kneel down to save their relationship but almost men are seen to be polite in case of ladies.

They know what exactly the things are yet they deny to accept the reality of them when they are so in love with their ladies. They know they are being fooled but they like to be. We are here writing about the art of the women but we pray that the men should escape from that because if they don’t, they become the part of sympathy from God. Sometimes men know that they are given false actions and reactions and sometimes they don’t but every time whether they know or not, they want to pretend like they are seeing a lady with charisma. So what so ever happens in the life of the men when a lady manipulates them, let’s see here in details.

Gain attention

Appreciation beyond the limit

Things women do to gain attention

Everybody loves being appreciated but there should be limited scope to do the same but when it comes to ladies, they cross the limit of any kind of scope. They do not stop unless they are sure that the next person is totally impressed. They just satisfy the ego of the men. They convince them that they are the most impressive personalities of the world. They give different kinds of compliments like they appreciate the working method of the men, they appreciate the walking, talking and even sleeping manner of the men. The most important point is that the emotions of the women play a vital role while they are appreciating men. They are so strong that the men totally forget about their self-esteem. They begin to believe the qualities told by their ladies rather the existing.

Tears in her eyes

The most powerful weapon of the ladies is the tears. Although tears are supposed the way to express the true feelings of sometimes women use to express their own morality. They know they are going to be pampered by their men if they show a single piece of tears. Men cannot ignore the so-called pain of the ladies as shown by their tears and this is always a golden opportunity for women to manipulate the men.

They compare their men to gain attention

Men have a super strong ego and they never want to get themselves down. They always want to be superior and the ladies just take advantage of this. They compare them with the other guys in both negative and positive senses. It is like they say “ look Rosy’s husband, he is going to gift her a necklace.”

Trust us, this makes their men do more than Rosy’s husband. Another side, if they want something from their men, they begin to compare them in a flattering form like, they convey their men as they are the best men. They are found to tell the evil of other men and then make their men agree that that is the superior one. Really, this works a lot and the ladies find whatever they want.

They make their men feel important and worthy

Whenever a guy loves a girl, he wants to give every kind of protection to that girl. He just makes a circle of protection all around the girl. Sometimes ladies do not like it but almost they are found to be in love with this feeling. They make their men realize that they are the most important part of their life.

Ladies avoid the men to gain attention

Men do not like to break the relationship at any cost. If they begin to like any other lady then their own even also they do not want to break their relationship with the First Lady partner but we pray that no lady should suffer such a situation.

Let’s talk about another attention gaining trick. Women start to avoid their men and their texts and this totally makes a man freaking out badly. They begin to think so hard what they have done wrong. This may make their relationship cooler but ladies! do not forget to say sorry by the end when you tell your men that it was just a refreshment to your relationship.

Show the needs to gain attention

Ladies do nagging for everything. From their clothes to makeup, they include every aspect of their need. Basically, men are supposed not to indulge in nagging. They neither like to do nagging nor to hear nagging so ladies just complete their needs by nagging.

Let’s not talk and argue

We all know that women talk a lot and it is very normal that women speak some extra words more than they need but what is abnormal in the case of women? If they become silent while the men are talking and do not argue, this is a demonstration that they are having some serious issues. This makes their men insane and they try harder to find the reason for their silence.

They lie to gain attention

This is kind of funny. Ladies show their anger by telling a lie for example if men ask “how are they?”, they simply say “they are fine,” but if men pay attention, they can know what the thing is going on. Once their men pay attention to them, they make them hear only and men are compelled to do the same otherwise they know that “she is fine!”

Sudden love to gain attention

Women know that men love sudden affection and that is why they show sudden love. For example, ladies just come and close their eyes or suddenly they kiss their men. Men just cannot bear these things and they are ready to follow the leads of their ladies. If they are shown such kinds of behavior by their ladies, they can do anything to make them happy and smile.

No straight communication

You can also say this as a drama as whenever women want some extraordinary attention, they begin to do drama like they do not say what they actually want but they leave their men to guess. If they somehow speak to their men, it is very sure that they do not speak clearly. They say something but they mean another thing. This is something perfect for ladies to gain the attention of their men.

They are not actually evil

Yes, this is a hundred percent right that the ladies are not evil. Maybe you start behaving rudely with your girlfriend after reading this article but you should know that they are innocent enough. They only want a complete love from their men and for this, they do a lot of silly deeds. Do not think that they play a mind game with you because they cannot as they are very emotional. Men are supposed to be logical and practical so it is obvious that the ladies cannot play a mind game type things with them.

All they need is the pure love and aff3ction of their men. They can do everything to get the attention of their men and if you think this is not so worthy, you should once study the psychology of women. Also, we are supposed to observe and study first and then to judge so keep this in your mind and go ahead.