Phrases That You Should Not Speak To The Girls According to Their Zodiac Signs


Things you should not say to a zodiac sign-When it is the matter not to ask some question regarding a woman, then man always asks them one innocent question, and that is how old you are? While some others ask about the harmful questions regarding their details and also about their physical appearance, nature, and the same gender. Nothing of such problems is new for us but there must a way of asking such that none of us will feel about such questions and they must compromise according to the said. There must be compromising avoidance regarding such matters according to the zodiac sign of a girl.

Things you should not say to a zodiac sign

Things you should not say to a zodiac sign


Things you should not say to a zodiac sign of Aries girls-The girls with Aries sign are one among the nonconformist, and hence they pay much attention to the opinions of other people. They feel uncomfortable to accept the advice from the people who are not emotionally attached to them. They never share their feelings with such people. And if you are one among those uncomfortable people, then you should never ask them anything that starts with the words like “If I were you…” You need to stay on the safe side.


Taurus people have an excellent aptitude for forming an opinion regarding some person. They are a very understanding type, but they get conscious and crazy if someone asks them such things. They want to be perfect. It is horrible for them to hear “How can you eat so much!” from someone. Do not ask about it.


Gemini people are born under the most sensitive and emotional signs. They are not practically ok with the ladies to ask such questions to them. They can cry at the moment. And even if you are trying to tell the truth to them, then you must think before speaking. Also, try to do it with the help of resorting words. “Don’t get me wrong, but…” Do not even use the word for them. They get crazy listening to this.


“What’s happening to you?” Do not ask such dumbest question to them. Cancer people are of an extrovert nature but if they will hear such matters, they get mad and become harmful for others. Be aware of them otherwise, they will put you in tension. They share their problems with whom they feel safe.


Girls with the sign of Leo are in the rage if someone asks them of their good taste or image. They are like the lioness. But they can become your best friends if you will not ask them questions like “Are you really going to wear this?” Do not use other words of this type.


Virgo girls are curious and witty by nature. They do not like the feeling of being limited if they once decide to investigate something. You need to stop asking so many questions from them like “Why do you care so much?” These expressions are on the backlist and so it is better you will not use such.


Libra girls get rarely carried away by the emotions. If they get angry with you, then do not even say them to calm down. It is not a good idea to use such words for them.


How can a woman put all her energy into something? “You cannot do it,” say words like this for them so that they will fill themselves with the inner confidence and hence will not feel bad after listening to you. Try to mold your words, not the feelings that you want to say.



These women never want to get compared to someone else in their life. They want to be independent always. So you should not awaken their anger from the words like “You look like your mom” or “You talk like your friend.” Do not make any similarity of her with other girls.


These girls are good workers and highly demanding. These girls give the sign to repudiate the idea of someone seeing their fragility. Do not use words like “You seem tired” for them. It can raise their anger.


No one can judge Aquarius women with the idea of her femininity without facing the consequences. “You are a woman, what can you know about that?” Do not bring your worst traits with the phrase for them.


They are very short tempered in the way such that you should never use words like “You are like an angry dog.” Save yourself from such words.