You can link your future to the colour you are drawn to! Here’s how.


Color predicts your future-Your natural instinct is connected to the color you are drawn to the most. It can help you predict your own behavior and analyze it. Have a look, the results are surprising.

Color predicts your future


This is how your favorite color can predicts your future

This color predicts your future that you like attention and you are pretty confident too. You go after balance in life and are opportunistic. You love your home but you are an explorer nevertheless. You do get nervous many times.

1. You fear that you will get burnt. Go for that adventure if you have been longing for it. Don’t let yourself fade away. Be cautious and your future will be beautiful.
2. There is someone in your life that you like having around but you do not trust. Figure out where to stop, getting carried away will hurt you.
3. Is your health a primary concern? Something is burdening your joy in life. Be patient with yourself and never let anything drag you down.
4. Is something terrorizing your fun vibes? Find the path to calmness and you will live a serene life. Make yourself a priority.


This color is indicative of joy, health, and intellect. It is a rather bold color and has its bad and good sides.

  1. You never lack the motivation to get what you desire. Don’t let bygones discourage you and do everything to keep you focused on your goals.
  2. Have you been keeping a secret burden inside of you? Once you figure out to be out of it, you will be able to chase things that really matter.
  3. Something is slowing you down and you feel like you are not using your full potential. You need to rest somewhere away from your normal life to be at peace. Try talking to a doctor about your feelings, it should help.
  4. People who keep you away from success, stay away from them. Rely on yourself for any kind of motivation and keep it going.


This color predicts your future-Greed, envy, and jealousy are the three things that this color indicates. Nature and fertility is also something that this color indicates. This color can push you to achieve your goals.

  1. There are few things in life that you are yet to achieve but it doesn’t take you away from happiness. Everything is well balanced in life and you don’t want to risk anything. Keep that motivation within you.
  2. You want something different in life and it is most likely to be a being. If that isn’t true, try a hobby. Figure out what is missing from your life and fill that gap.
  3.  You are craving for peace. Your personality is being tampered with by someone. Put any kind of negativity away from your life, you don’t need it.
  4.  You are where you are with all the hard work you have done. You have sacrificed a lot to get where you are but it is about time to breathe harder and appreciate all that is around you. This will help you go after your goals.


War, danger, and passion are symbolized by this color. It also means that you have some urgent needs in life.

  1. You need excitement and energy in life. Your metabolism needs some kick as well. Take care of your impulsive behavior. Try prioritizing the things which you are neglecting about, don’t lose yourself in this process, however.
  2. You are loving. Express your feelings to find the passion that has faded out with time. You should try someone with whom you can express these feelings better.
  3. Something in your mind is making you feel furious. Let that thing out and be free with that thought. Be verbal about the things bothering you in a way that anger doesn’t overrule.
  4. If you are to step into a battlefield, the probability of you winning is large. No matter what is at stake, be ready and fight with all your might. Don’t lose your cool and chase the things you want.


Black is not bad. It represents elegance, formality, power, and authority.

White, on the other hand, indicates purity, virginity, and holiness. It is also associated with coldness and illness, however.

  1. You are a powerful and staunch person. You like stability but you are open to the dark things life presents you with. You might consider having some new people in life to get over the boring routine. Someone who has a lot of energy in them!
  2. You are losing brightness in life somewhere. But it also means that you are elegant and classy. You take pride in these things. Not everyone can be what you are.
  3.  Are you analyzing life and death a  little too much? You haven’t found any purpose in life yet. Stop thinking and worrying about things that have been in your head for so long.
  4. You are craving for a simple life. You are important to many people because of how you are. Let people bring along with them the colors you are missing.


This color predicts your future calmness and tranquillity in life. It is a strong masculine color that shows sincerity and trust.

  1. Don’t search for power and strength, it lies within you. Find peace within yourself and don’t lose calm. Therapy and meditation can bring out the peace you have been looking for.
  2. Don’t let calmness take over your life, it shall lead to lethargy and depression. A stable life is good but it will get boring with time. Try something new. It will only make you feel better.
  3. If something is bothering you, calm your pace down. Know your limits. Peace will alone help you get answers to your problems.
  4. You are craving adventure. You don’t have to do something extra, just do something to boost that energy up. To find balance, make this trip a priority.


Pink is not just feminine. It is also indicative of passion, joy, love, and adventure.

  1. You are a happy and positive person who appreciates all small things in life. A little attention from someone is something here in you are missing out. If no one is approaching you first, off late, then maybe you should do it yourself.
  2.  Positivity and tranquillity is something you are in hunt of. The world is not a cozy place and you would find the innocence you are searching for. e the person you are searching for in others and make someone happy.
  3. You want to be respected. You should stay away from people who are letting you down in any manner. Don’t let anything hold you back, know your worth.
  4.  People like you because of your nature. A lot of people might not take you seriously but you should learn to draw a line. Don’t let anyone push you down.


This color indicates Balance and stability are what this color shouts. It also indicates ambition, power, and luxury. It can’t be found easily in nature.

  1. Do you want a push to embrace your creativity? You are unafraid of solitude as that is how you are wiser. You are confident and that brings out the best in you.
  2. Get away with the nostalgia to keep yourself from feeling shallow. You are thinking way more than doing. Use all that time in doing something fruitful. Go after it when you realize what is important.
  3. You want to be respected highly. But people see that craving in you and hence don’t give it to you. Be humble o those around you. Know the two-way street rule. You will get what you receive.
  4. You have a lot of strength in you. Your strength can be weakened by those around you, so time to let go of such people. Take some time out for yourself, make yourself a priority.