Tips to become successful by Barack Obama to her daughters


Barack Obama, the former president of USA, has always been famous for his fatherhood lessons which he used to deliver time to time. After exiting from White house, he still shares his teachings in his speeches at various events. He gave the speech at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and there he told about three advice which he has given to his daughters Malia and Sashi which will help them to be successful in life.

1 You should be accountable

They said that generosity, consideration, empathy and hard work are the tools that you should use so that you can feel kind in the world. Obama said in an interview”As my daughters have grown, so too have their responsibilities.” He further added, “Part of what we try to communicate to them, is that being accountable is a huge privilege.”

2 You can contribute in many ways

Obama said, ” You don’t have to go out and lead a protest.” He has taught you always have your strengths and you should make proper use of that. He added, ” If you are a brilliant engineer you don’t have to give a speech. You can create something which allows people to do big and important things. There are many ways of contributing to the world, and that is what I emphasize to my daughters whenever I can.”

3 Changes always need some time

Changes don’t come in one day; It will take time obviously. You need to be patient. People get impatient, and they always want changes in one day which is rare.

Barack said”We get disappointed and frustrated when something doesn’t happen as quickly as we are hoping it would. I always tell people that when I used to work as a community organizer in Chicago, I learned a lot, but I didn’t become President in a week.

Obama is a role model for all of us and his family too. These tips will always help not only his daughters but also us to go ahead in life.