Hello beautiful ladies!!

Most of us wish for having perfect nails on which we can do those pretty nail arts. One thing which stops it from becoming a reality is shorter nails. Though your nails naturally grow at a specific rate, you can increase their growth by following some measures.  With longer, thin, chiseled-to-perfection nails, you can rock any nail art. I found out some useful ways that could speed the growth of your nails which are healthy and ready to be styled!

1.Nails are not can opener! Your nails are not a tool for opening a door that’s stuck, or to scrape off a price sticker from something nor they can be used to prise open a can of hot chocolate. Use an actual tool or instrument instead of using your nails for these purposes. Otherwise, it will damage and stress your nails a lot in the long term. So stop doing it to keep your nails strong.

2. A strong foundation: when you’re trying to strengthen your nails, make sure you never let your nails go bare. If you leave them naked, they are more prone to peeling off and splitting. Either apply a strengthening base coat or a nail polish on your nails. Occasionally remove it for a while and then re-apply it so that they can breathe.

3.  Moisturize: Moisturising nails is as essential as moisturizing any other body part.  keep your hands and nails soft, moisturized and nourished by applying hand cream or cuticle oil. You can also use Vitamin E to keep cuticles and nail beds healthy. This prevents dryness, chapping of cuticles by keeping them well-hydrated.

Hand Cream

4. Vitamins and Supplements: Doctors recommend a nutrition supplement called Biotin which is known to help in maintaining healthy hair and nails. Make sure that you consult your doctor before you supplement your diet with it.

5. Maintenance is Key: trim, cut, shape and file your nails weekly. Take proper care of your nails by getting a manicure done every few weeks. You can even try some a DIY manicure. Growth of your nails will increase if you maintain your nails properly.

6. avoid damage to your nails: your nails are delicate and porous can be damaged very easily. Protect them from harm by wearing cotton gloves while dealing with harsh chemicals or detergents. Even water can easily get absorbed by them, and dry them out. Thus damaging the cuticles.

7. Diet and Water: Water plays a vital role in the growth of your nails.  Keep your body and your nails hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Make sure that your food is rich in protein. Eat with lots of daal, eggs, fish, milk and nuts to ensure that you get enough protein to keep your nails long and strong nails. It will also result in healthy hair!