Hairstyles To Slay The Gown Look!



Hi pretty girls!

One of the biggest dilemmas of a girl is which hairstyle will go with her gown. A hairstyle can make or break your gown look. Today you might get a solution for your problem as we are going to discuss some jaw-dropping hairstyles that will make you the center of attention at any event. Follow this article and explore some fantastic hairstyles to rock evening gowns and dresses.

1. Dutch side braid

This braid is also called as inverted french braid. To make it divide your hair into three sections and cross them under each other instead of crossing them over each other. Initially, it will be difficult for you but keep practicing to master it. It is an effortless hairstyle which can be done in few minutes. You can use some accessories and texture with this hairstyle.

2.Crown style tiara

It is one of the prettiest hairstyles. It looks good on every girl with long and heavy hair. First, curl your hair using curling rod. Roll a small section of your hair inwards from each side and tie it into a pony.It will take a while to make this hairstyle but its worth the wait. It will give a fairytale look if you add a ribbon to it.

3. Braided crown and a ponytail

It is an easy hairstyle. Flat iron your hair using a straightner then make a french braid in tiara style halfway across your head and tie a ponytail. It is simple yet looks beautiful with a gown.

4. Sleek pony

This coiffeur is apt for official gatherings where you are expected more professional look. It is a relatively easy one to do and will look good on you. All you have to do is flat iron your hair and tie them into a high ponytail. You can also use hairspray so that your ponytail stays for an extended period. To achieve more clean look twist and wrap a section of your hair around the elastic band, so it doesn’t show up.

5.High pony with a pouf

If you are not a big fan of the sleek look, then this hairstyle is for you. It not only adds lots of volume to your hair but also brings life to dull and flat hair. For this look, gently backcomb your hair taking a small section of hair at a time.After teasing, make a high pouf and secure it using bobby pins. Make a ponytail with rest of your hair. When finished you will get a lively hairstyle which you will love.

6. Mermaid Braid

You will have to invest a lot of time for this hairstyle. It is a beautiful iconic braided hairstyle, and you will stand out from the crowd. It is difficult to make but will make head turn towards you. People will swoon over its intricate and delicate finish as it is graceful and charming and go well with your gown.

7. Victorian side bun

This hairstyle works well even for shorter hair. Buns have always been graceful and pretty. You can quickly make a side bun as it doesn’t require a lot of length and volume. Adding some accessories like flowers and statement clips will enhance the look even more.

8.Thick fishtail braid

This hairstyle is a messiah for girls with very long hair. Fishtail is suitable for any occasion and can be worn anywhere.  It is one hairstyle which is apt for the gym as well as for the red carpet as it goes exceptionally well with gowns. You can try different looks with this hairstyle. You can make it messy or neat according to your preference. Long earrings enhance the fishtail look.

9. Messy Bun

Your long and flowy evening gowns synchronize well with a messy bun. It adds the right amount of rustiness to your look without shadowing with your feminine and delicate side. You can wear this hairstyle with a delicate gown or to the college.

10. Bow hairstyle

It is the cutest hairstyle of all. You can wear it to formal social gatherings in the form of an updo or ponytail. However, you will require the help of a professional to get an elegant look.