You can now have the eyebrows of your dreams using some simple tips. Read on to find out how to go about having the perfect eyebrows that will add to the beauty of your face.

Have the eyebrows of your dreams

1.Choose the correct salon.

Have the eyebrows of your dreams

Needless to say, the choice of your salon will reflect directly on your face. So, choose your salon wisely.

2.Identify the shape of your face.

The shape of your eyebrows should depend upon which feature of your face you want to accentuate. Ask yourself do you want to highlight your chin or your cheeks, or do you want to make your eyes look bigger and then decide the shape and thickness of your brows accordingly.

3.Get your eyebrows done after a hot shower.

The warmth softens your skin and makes it easier to pull out the hair.

4.Don’t get your eyebrows done when you have your makeup on.

Keep away from makeup when you’re going to get your eyebrows done.

5.Be ready to bear the pain.

Threading is nothing but painful. If you can’t bear that much pain, apply a neighborhood sedative gel to the eyebrow region thirty minutes before threading.

6. Draw a border in case you are threading your own eyebrows.

This makes it easier to do your own eyebrows.

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7. Dab a little powder.

Before starting with the threading process, dab a little powder over your eyebrow area to drench up dampness.

8. Brush your eyebrows.

Brush your eyebrows upwards to get the perfect eyebrow shape.

9.Don’t get your skin between the strings.

If you’re threading your own eyebrows, keep away from getting the skin between the string. Instead, use the string somewhat over your skin’s surface to minimize the pain.

10. Choose the right position.

In case you’re threading your own eyebrows, choose a room with sufficient lighting and a big mirror. Keeping checking yourself in the mirror to avoid any mistakes.

What should be done after threading:

After threading, apply ice or something cold on your forehead. You can also apply some aloe vera gel to soothe the irritation and pain. Brush your eyebrows and use a plucker to pull out any hair that is still there.