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Mongolian beef is a lump of delicious meat found in many Chinese restaurants. When cooked properly, Mongolian beef is juicy and tasty. It requires special preparation prior to cooking, which can make some recipes drawn-out more than others. If you have the patience, time, and skills to invest in a Mongolian beef-based meal, you may find it very similar to those prepared by Chinese chefs. Learn more tips when preparing Mongolian beef meals for you and your family and friends.

Do Not Remove From Freezer Too Soon

In an attempt to preserve the most flavors and nutrients, it is no recommended to thaw Mongolian beef more than 30 minutes prior to cooking. Some Chinese chefs believe this is a great way to enhance the flavors and nutrients found in Mongolian beef.

The recommended defrost time recommendation is 30 minutes. Any longer will risk some flavor and nutrient loss.

Slices Or Chunks

There are two basic cutting methods utilized for Mongolian beef. The first method is slicing, which involves cutting the meat into moderately thin slices. Most Chinese recipes call for slicing more often than other cutting methods.

When the Mongolian beef is sliced into moderately thin pieces, it will cook more evenly and quicker as compared to other cutting methods. To slice a slab of Mongolian beef, you will need a carving knife with a serrated blade. This type of knife is guaranteed to slice through thick slabs of raw Mongolian beef in nanoseconds.

The second most popular cutting method for Mongolian beef is chunky. Now, this cutting method is not as popular among Chinese chefs as the slicing method. However, it is utilized by many American housewives because it offers a wonderful presentation.

When preparing Mongolian beef recipe that requires chunks, it is crucial to follow the directions to a tee to maximize the flavors and nutrition. However, it is perfectly okay to switch the slicing method from chunks to slices if you believe it the better option. All recipes are meant to be altered but only slicing. And, this is just one example.

Switching from chunks to slices will not harm the precious flavors and nutrients found in raw Mongolian beef.

Preparation Methods

Now that you have the cutting method down, it is safe to move on to the preparation method. Mongolian beef can be baked, stir-fried, steam, and broiled. If you do not find your first results satisfying, you can always switch to another preparation method. For example, the stir-fry preparation method left the meat dry and tough. In this case, you can transition to steam to ensure more juicy flavors.

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