Love and intimacy are two extremely delicate facets within our lives that both have a profound effect on one another and that are often viewed with a wide range of different opinions.

Some believe love and intimacy are entirely connected (and by intimacy, although it can be any form of deeper connection with your partner, we mean the act of making love), and that without one the other cannot exist. That there cannot be intimacy without love or there cannot be love without intimacy.

And if that was the case, then it seems as though we all might be marrying our favorite vibrator for women, as I think we can all agree on how much we love those!

Then there are those who view intimacy quite literally as love. As if any act of becoming intimate immediately creates a form of love between two individuals.

And although sure, this can absolutely happen in life, falling in love at the first sign of intimacy, it doesn’t always have to!

This is why it can be difficult to balance love and intimacy in your life and your relationships, and if you have ever wondered exactly how love and intimacy are connected and how the effects of both are important to act on and recognize, we are going to over 4 reasons why love and intimacy go together.

Using Intimacy to Spark Love

Human beings are sexual beings. Sex is an incredibly prominent part of our lives, and oftentimes the connection that comes with sex can in fact act as a spark to more intimate moments together. Like the secret ingredient to the recipe of love.

No matter where you stand in your relationship, friends, boyfriend, and girlfriend, or even married, intimacy is always a wonderful way to spark (or re-ignite) some of those bubbly feelings of love.

Sometimes this is because sex acts as a form of confirmation. A way to signify that you are official ‘together’ which then allows the mind and the heart to fully succumb to the emotions of love. Other times it is because sex is a way to strip down any barriers that might be holding back a connection, a way to enter a primal form of humanity that allows us to more effortlessly access how we feel once we have become as close as sex allows you to get to one another.

No matter your situation, if you are feeling as though your relationship is lacking on the love side of things, perhaps then it is necessary to create more intimacy through physical connections, as intimacy is a key to unlocking and freeing any held back feelings of love.

Using Love to Spark Intimacy

On the exact opposite end of using intimacy to spark love, there exist also truths to the fact that love can in turn also spark intimacy.

And of course, it all kind of depends on yourself, your relationship, and your values, but oftentimes this is a very valid situation for many couples.

For those that choose love first, before allowing themselves to enter a physical connection that is extremely intimate, then this love will create an aura of also lust and desire that will then lead towards quite the amount of sexual tension.

And alas, when the day comes that you feel as though it is the time to take your intimacy to the next level, this sexual tension can finally be released, and with it, you may find that your intimacy is more special than it ever could have been.

Maybe it was the anticipation, the long-term build-up of desire, or maybe it’s the fact that when two people are in love the sex is inevitably better. But no matter what, love can act as a fuel to spark some of the most incredible of intimate moments together, and by going about your physical relationship in a way like this, you are ensuring that any of your sexual expression is done so in a manner that is happy, healthy, and built on the connection of your love.

Love, Trust, and Better Sex!

Plenty of people enter a sexual relationship with someone that has absolutely no form of love involved. And of course, that is entirely okay, but when it is your time to take your physical relationship and turn it into something a little more intimate, then love acts as a key to opening the first of those doors.

When love is involved between two people, it allows them to feel more intimate because of the sheer power of trust, as chances are, if you love someone, then you also very much trust them as you have handed them your own delicate emotion.

This trust in an intimate setting not only translates into your day to day life as a couple, and in situations that occur outside the bedroom set, but more importantly it very much enhances your sex life as a whole.

Because when you love someone, you trust them. And both of these allow you to enter a state of sexual freedom that allows you to express yourself and learn new things, like discovering new turn-ons and fun kinks.

To really comfortably do this, then you must genuinely have faith in your partner to take your hand and walk with you through these discoveries, and this love has a direct influence on trusting your partner and learning new things about your sexual self.

Love Betters Yourself for Intimate Moments

When you are in a relationship that is full of love and intimate moments, then chances are the positivity derived from both will translate directly into the way you treat yourself and your body- because you always come first!

When you love someone, you want to be with them and be the best version of yourself for them for as long as possible. And of course, you want to look and perform the best that you can in a sexual setting for them both to better please yourself and also to better please them.

And when a relationship is built on pure love, then this will absolutely translate into initiating acts to better yourself! Working out, quitting bad habits, changing your diet. All those things make you a healthier and happier person through the pursuit of a higher sense of self.

Love and intimacy in a relationship can create a necessary love and intimacy for yourself which should always remain at the forefront of things. Because if you are not happy with yourself, then you will not fully accept all of the wonderful compliments from your partner or you will not be able to fully let go in a sexual setting.

Remember to love yourself and become intimate with yourself as well, both mentally and physically, and this will directly transition and enhance the power and the beauty of love and intimacy in your relationship.