Since you’ve completed high school, you should now be thinking about college applications. Even though a scholarship essay seems like an easy thing to write, there are many mistakes that students make.

Since so many people are applying for scholarships, you will do well to get the essay right. Before you begin writing your essay, make sure you find out all that is required of you.

Knowing the potential pitfalls allows you to avoid them easily. Even if writing is not your forte, remember that you’re writing this essay to secure a scholarship. Feel free to ask for help wherever you feel stuck because you have only one chance to impress your sponsors.

College is quite expensive, and sponsorship will go a long way in ensuring you have a smooth learning experience. Many students drop out of college because of insufficient funds.

Make sure what the essay requires of you. You can write it slowly so that you get it right. Once you’re done, give it to your parents to go through before submitting it.

Not Answering an Essay Question

Just because you don’t know what a question requires of you does not mean you should ignore it. If anything, this is a show of disrespect and carelessness. Since there are so many scholarship applicants, your application might get rejected just because you left a question unanswered.

Make use of the resources at your disposal to make sure you answer all the questions. Address all scholarship essay questions by providing comprehensive answers.

In case you’re applying for several scholarships, read the instruction for each one so that you don’t end up using the same format for all of them. Using the same essay for all of your scholarship applications is a recipe for failure.

Missing the Application Deadline

Whatever you do, never miss a scholarship application deadline. I’ve probably mentioned this more than once, but it’s worth mentioning one more time. There are so many scholarship applicants, and you might miss the opportunity if you don’t take this process seriously.

You dramatically decrease your chances of securing a scholarship, even if you miss the deadline by a few hours. Take note of the deadline and come up with a strategy to complete the essay on time.

Submitting your Essay with Mistakes

Even though you should not miss the deadline, this does not mean you should submit your essays with mistakes. Start on the essays early so that you have enough time to correct the mistakes.

Read your essay several times to ensure you catch all grammatical mistakes. You can also ask a professional to edit it for you so that you don’t miss the opportunity to go to college because of a spelling error.

As you apply for college, be sure to find online writing services like so that you have a seamless learning experience once you join college.

Failing to Grab the Reader’s Attention

Aside from following instructions and answering all questions, you also need to grab the attention of the reader. Keeping the reader engaged increases your chances of securing the scholarship. After all, you’re not the only one who has sent in an application.

Applying for a Scholarship, you’re not eligible for

Even though you should grab every opportunity you get, make sure you’re eligible for a scholarship before applying for it.


You need to treat scholarships with the seriousness they deserve. Since college is expensive, this is your chance to go to college without worrying about the expenses. Read the scholarship-essay instructions carefully and take your time to answer all the questions asked.