Treating valgus at home.


Treatment of hallux valgus-Hallux vagus, also known as a bunion is very common amongst women. It is like a lump on the base of your big toe. This happens due to a wrong alignment of the metatarsophalangeal joint which leads to the displacement and rotation. This can happen on the base of the little toe too. Bunions are often related to high-heel; and narrow shoes, they aren’t the main villain always. Genetic predisposition is an underlying cause. Flat feet and low arches experience valgus more frequently.

Treatment of hallux valgus

Treatment of hallux valgus

Having injuries, problems with blood circulation can also increase the risk of bumps on the big toe. It can cause pain during walking or while wearing shoes. The pain comes with swelling, redness, etc.

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A doctor can be visited to examine the severity of the bunion. So what methods can relieve all this stress?


Choose comfortable footwear with a more extensive sole and less heel.

Special padding

Use a range of fleece bunion pads and gel to decrease the pressure on affected areas.

Killing the pain

A lump on the big toe can hurt. Over the counter drugs like naproxen and ibuprofen can rid you of pain.

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Consult your doctor regarding shoe inserts and the correct posture of the feet. Specific splints can straighten your toe and take away the discomfort.

Applying cold

Ice packs in a cloth can be used to the painful areas. This could take away inflammation.

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Being obese can increase the pressure falling on your feet. Consult a medical specialist in such cases.  There is the treatment of hallux valgus in simple steps. Osteotomy, arthrodesis, etc. are a few of the procedures.

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