6 Best Tricks Used By Fashion Stores That Make Us Spend More Money


Tricks fashion stores use to attract more customers-Sales associates use psychological techniques as they are well trained to boost up the mood of their customers in different ways. They made their customers to choose the right colors, music, scents, and a sense of luxury. The retail stores arrange their furniture and shapes. The salespersons ask their customers to try some items and then to produce similar things to more prominent brands. They all do these things to attract more and more customers and to make long term contract with them.

The lady, Sophia Jones has worked as a sales associate at Tommy Hilfiger and Gap. Here through this article, she is going to reveal some secrets about retail stores to help you to understand the basic tricks they use so that you all may be able to beat their plans and games.

A big red sign of “Sale” creates a sense of urgency and attracts more customers.

Tricks fashion stores use to attract more customers

We wonder what the signs of sale that are good in dealing are always red. For sale, retail stores use basic psychology. They use the color on which people react the most. We take red color as the sign of danger. The red color sale’s sign indicates a sense of urgency. Due to which people rush to the stores to buy the items.

To inspire customers to buy new things, they use “brand recognition.”

The items made by the big fashion brands are easily recognizable by us. Usually, it is known as brand recognition. The recognition is when people identify the branded items by their logos, slogans, colors, etc. Some stores produce replica items seem to be similar to those high branded items. These items are cheaper than their original piece. Most of us like to buy these replica cheap rate items because we prefer style not the brand and want to save our money by buying cheap things.

They show clothes and accessories in the sets and groupings.

Customers will find the one item which they want to buy, but the retailers will make them look at various things which can fit them and look beautiful so that they buy them. If the customers like those items which are shown by the retailers to provide them and matches their issues then they will also buy those items. This selling technique is called Cross-Selling. Sellers need to pay much attention to the patterns, fabrics, and styles of the things that they choose for the complete outfit. If a customer like a pant then he will also like to buy a nice shirt or jacket with it.

The retailer stores want you to spend much time inside their stores. They try to use small tricks so that their customers slow down their work. They make your walking pattern crooked and curved by arranging tables, racks, hangers in between your way. This tricks of retailers make the customers stroll, and they may find more items on their way to buy them.

They suggest you to “add-on” the items.

The sale associate suggests you try basic more shirts when you are on your way to the fitting room.  They also add-on some accessories with your chosen items. They merely say that the things you choose may look similar to the stuff you have in your home. They want you to add these items to your buying basket. This technique of selling add-on things in retail is called “suggestive selling.”

They place the sales section near to the fitting room this is one of the tricks fashion stores use to attract more customers

The retail stores place their sales section near to the entrance and the fitting room. The customers enter the stores and choose the right items from sale and run towards the fitting room. Near the fitting room, they find another sale items, from where they want more pieces of their choice. In this way, they may buy more and more items from their stores. They will find more discounts on the items and will add more things to buy. When persons find them near the fitting room and see the sale, then they will try more items to purchase.