Tricks to clean your home-A study show that 2 hours of the day of a person’s life get used to cleaning the house which is too much. We will give you some tricks which are used by professionals to clean their homes and save their time.

Start With decluttering

Amazing tricks to clean your home: Best cleaning hacks

Decluttering means to arrange things according to their place. Put all the stuff at their position from where they belong. Some people skip this part of cleaning, but it is necessary to do because when all the things get arranged according to their place, then half of the cleaning is done. Put your toys, gadgets, clothes at their certain areas, and it will make your cleaning process easy.

Use a trash bag

Amazing tricks to clean your home: Best cleaning hacks

When you start doing the decluttering process, always carry a trash bag with yourself because while arranging your things you will find so many useless things. Keep organizing your items and put the waste things into the trash bag. We have habits of storing the things which we don’t use, try to throw away the things which you haven’t used in the last two years. Also, clean all the bins in your house. It will save you time.

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Bring Cleaning Carrier With You

Amazing tricks to clean your home: Best cleaning hacks

You don’t need to buy particular cleaning products to clean your house. You can use the things available at your home like disinfectant for hygiene, bleach, clothes for cleaning, a brush or tile cleaner. Collect all these things before starting the cleaning process and put it into a basket and carry with you in the room you are going to clean.

Dust First, Vacuum Last

Amazing tricks to clean your home: Best cleaning hacks

During the cleaning process, you should complete dusting of your house first because if you vacuum or mop the floor first then all the dust from the appliances, sofas and other furniture will fall on the floor. Then you have to wipe the story again, and it will take you more time. Finish all the dusting and then vacuuming the level will become a natural process.

Do not scrub, spray

We will give you a trick with which you can save a lot of your time. Use a spray bottle to clean the glasses of your rooms instead of a scrub. Take a liquid detergent spray bottle and start spraying it on all the things you want to clean. Use a pattern from left to right and move to all the rooms after completing the spray wipe all the stuff with a clean wet cloth.