True love story of Pradyumana Kuman-It is true that if two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back. Let us have a look at a love story which transcended all obstacles and became an inspiration for all the love stories of the coming generations. 

True love story of Pradyumana Kuman

True love story of Pradyumana Kuman

All of us, at some point or the other, must have read one or the different fairy tale. Wherein the prince and the princess face a happy ending at the end after defying all the odds. Well, this story of Pradyumana Kuman Mahananda and Charlotte Von Shedvin is no less than a Disney fairy tale. A true love story laden with courage and determination of Pradyumana made him meet his better half. 

Indians believe in astrology to such an extent that when a child is born, they take the child to the astrologer to know what the future has in store for the child. Similarly, Pradyumana’s parents took him to the astrologer and, to their amazement, they got to know that Pradyumana’s significant other will be a Taurus from a land miles apart who will be a flute player, owning vast forest lands. 

However, Pradyumana belonged to an untouchable lower cast family and believing in these predictions was, no doubt, a far-fetched idea for all of them.  Pradyumana was God-gifted with jaw-dropping artistic and drawing skills.

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And, after obtaining permissions from the concerned authorities, he sat near the holy fountain of Connaught Place and drew portraits of the people. It was then when he met his better half for the first time. Charlotte came to visit India as a Swedish foreigner, and as the luck would have, she asked Pradyumana to draw her portrait. 

While drawing her portrait, Pradyumana, on inquiring about Charlotte’s star sign to be Taurus and her interest in flute playing, started believing the predictions made by the astrologers. Further, getting to know about Charlotte belonging to an aristocrat family back in Sweden and having ownership of vast lands, he became quite determined about making her his partner for life and tied the knots of marriage in India. 

But, since no love story is complete without obstacles, and when Charlotte had to go back to Sweden, Pradyumana couldn’t make it then. However, he was resolute in his decision of travelling to Sweden from India and, ended up buying a pushbike with $80 and began on his journey to Sweden.

Both of them kept exchanging letters and, after staying away from each other for 16 months when they both finally met they cried for each other and finally had a  happy ending!

Their love story became so popular that the entire social media celebrated their enthralling love story.