Try Cute Hairstyles To Give You Glamorous Look In 10 Minutes


Every woman on this earth loves trying new hairstyles ever day but hair styles are something which sometimes takes plenty of time and even then we are not able to get the desired look. Here are few hairstyles that could help you in dealing with this time consuming hairstyles. These hairstyles won’t take any minute longer than 10 minutes.

Care free days with lose side braid

For this hairstyle you have to do the side parting of your hair and let the messy hair stay as there are. After the side parting take the greater  side hair and distribute it in three equal parts and then start the braid from the beginning and then take it to the lower areas  and include the lower part hair in the braid and do the parting till the end and secure it with a elastic band . And to make it look fuller and messy you can also pull the hair from the braid.

Quick messy buns for the day wear
For this hairstyle leave the hair messier  and distribute the hair from two equal parts on the below portion from the back of the head and now take one of that portion and roll it and bring the other portion from inside of the bun and secure it using few bobby pins. Do not forget to use the sufficient amount of the bobby pins to hold the hairstyle on the place for longer period of time.
Messy bun neatly tied up to create a formal look
This is one of the easiest hairstyle and could be attained in just few minutes. First thing that you have to do is do the equal partition of the hair from the below portion and back of the head. Divide it into two equal portion and cross that two  parts over each other and roll it in circular motion and create a bun  and secure it using few bobby pins and to make it look more elegant then you can use some hair jewellery too.
Twisted ponytail bun with neat and funky finish
For this hairstyle, the first thing that you have to do is do a plain pony tail on the below part from the back portion of hair. And secure it using a elastic band  and create a gap in the pony tail in the above part of the elastic band and twist the hair from that gap and turn the ponytail in a full bun and secure it using the bobby pins and you can use some hair jewellery to make the hairstyle look more beautiful.
Messy bun converted in to dishevelled Chong
This hair need a little bit effort and do the partition of hair from above part of the hair and use the teasing comb to tease that portion of the hair and use bobby pins to secure the hair and turn the rest of the hair into a pony tail and secure it but it  should be very loose and take the hair that is after the elastic band and bring it out from in between the pony tail and pull out some hair strands to make it look more puffier and secure  it using bobby pins.


  1. I’ve been looking for a way to braid a ponytail. My friend says all of the directions are too fast for her and I can’t explain it to her. Any help would be appreciated

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