Try These 10 Beautiful Shoes To Look Taller And Smarter


Shoes to look taller and smarter-We fall in love with shoes right at first sight. Don’t we? After putting them on, many of these shoes don’t look as great as we imagined them to be. Why is it so? Shoes should blend well with your personality more than anything else. This way they will look great on you.

Let us have a look at shoes that will make you look smarter taller too!

10 Shoes That Make You Look Taller and Cooler

1. Nudes:

Nude shoes give a beautiful illusion of great height to your body. As it blends with the skin color, it does some inches to you. The shade is extremely versatile, and you can team it up with various outfits. Buying a pair of nudes will give your wardrobe the much-needed difference!

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Try These 10 Beautiful Shoes To Look Taller And Smarter

2. Pointy Toes:

Wearing pointy toes makes you look slimmer and taller at the same time. What more can we ask for? Pointed shoes make you look cool in a crowd, and it sculpts into the leg in a beautiful fashion too. Wearing pointy toes is the correct way to flaunt your legs!

Try These 10 Beautiful Shoes To Look Taller And Smarter

3. Strapped Heels:

A must-have in your shoe collection. They come in so many colors and styles too. Solid colors look the best and give you that height boost you need! Strappy heels can be paired up with Indian attires, western outfits, so on and so forth.

Try These 10 Beautiful Shoes To Look Taller And Smarter

4. Pumps:

The sexiest pairs of heels to ever exist are pumped! They come in pointed edges too, to give your legs an elongated and sculpted feel. Pumps give your legs the gorgeous dimensioning it requires! Pair it up with any kind of outfit; they will surely help you look classy.

Try These 10 Beautiful Shoes To Look Taller And Smarter

5. Heel sneakers:

Yes, it is true. Sneakers with heels are now in vogue. They have an insole and padding within which will add some extra inches to your height. They come in beautiful prints these days and blend in perfectly with casual attire.

Try These 10 Beautiful Shoes To Look Taller And Smarter

6. Wedges:

This footwear has been trendy since the ’70s, and we still cannot get over it. They are not only comfortable but are incredibly stylish too. What’s more, you get that extra height also.


7. Pom-poms:

Pom-pom flats are funky and add some drama to your feet. They make you look stylish and can be paired up with shorts or jeans, even dresses in that case. They make the legs look slender and can refurbish your entire look!

Pompom Flats

8. Tie Up Shoes:

These tie-ups stick on to your feet beautifully and give your feet, and elongated appearance. Plus, few more inches to your height. Stylish and cool, definitely a great combo.

Metallic Shoes

9. Metal finish shoes:

Wearing shoes with a metal touch adds dimensions to your look. It gives a lot of room for your feet to stand out and makes you the fashionista in the crowd. When you show the skin of your feet, you tend to look thinner. And a metallic finish is the icing on the cake.

Back open Juttis

10. Back-open shoes:

Try the open back shoes if you plan on going desi to look thinner and cooler. It makes you look stylish and adds few inches to your height too. Juttis with beautiful graphics is available in the market today. Try them on and do let us know whether these shoe tips helped you rock your look.