How to understand a girl behavior? Women are complicated as most of the men think. The enigmas are complex and challenging. Sometimes they throw a yes, but does that yes always mean yes? It can be a No too! They are quite tricky. It is not that women are impossible to understand; we can understand their emotions and them only if we ever wanted to. The society we live in has confined them and our minds to such stereotypes and traditions that our minds cannot think far from that.

It is easy to win a woman’s heart, even if she has built high walls around. All you need to do is understand how her heart feels and how can you help her. Some would think that it is all complicated and would take a lot of effort; these efforts will only help you melt her heart. Take note guys, how these ten tips will help you know more about women.

  1. Some Efforts and She is yours!

how to understand a girl behavior

Women are the givers, as we all know. It has been proved that they always give their 100% in a relationship, whether it is family, work, romance or marriage. They will give their time and efforts to keep the bond strong. Also, they are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of their relationships which quality men lack. Not all men sacrifice to let their women live their dream. You should at least appreciate her for the sacrifices and the efforts she makes for you. Make her feel special and don’t let her efforts go in vain. Make it up for it, with a kiss or a night to be remembered.

It doesn’t matter whether you are married or still dating, you need to keep your woman happy and make feel special every moment. They will be happy if you just offer them a rose or a bouquet or you just take them out for candlelight dinner; they will be happy. If you are good at writing, try penning down your thought for her, why not a poem!

She is your queen, treat her like one. Hanging out is way different from the romantic dates. She might like it when you randomly kiss her forehead or keep telling her how special she is to you. Intimacy is important, but you should make a move only when she is comfortable with you. Hang out with friends, make her meet your friends and even hang out with her friends, but taking her out on a date will be more special for her.

  1. Nicest of all?

how to understand a girl behavior

Bad boys do attract women, but she searches for the one who is nice to her and can take care of her. With time preferences do change. As you mature your interest grows in the one who can keep your heart safe and loves you forever. Men who inhabit qualities like sweetness and virtuousness are whom women prefer to be with regardless of they are. A guy who has a good heart attracts more. (keep your heart clean guys!) you treat her right; she will surely love you right.

Girls do look for them who can keep a long-term relationship; it is not that these men are all husband material! Be a gentleman who handles her and her heart carefully! After many failed relationships you find the right one, so the theory is the same, after many bad guys she will surely search for the nice one.

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  1. Don’t pretend to be Mr. Nice.

how to understand a girl behavior

There is a line between being nice and saying that you are nice. Everybody out there among you all can pretend to be nice, but not everybody is.  Girls care experts in identifying the nature of the guys, and they can detect the difference. She might have dated many who pretended to be prince charming but showed their real colors in a few months. She will immediately know who her prince charming is and who is worthy of her love.

You should keep doing good deeds for her and don’t do anything because you want something in return. You should treat all your love and care because you genuinely love her. She might not appreciate every effort you make and sometimes you might lose her heart, don’t blame her for it. Don’t be bitter about her. Just because you are that Mr. Nice, it doesn’t mean every girl falls for you at your every move.