Drawings That Describe Your Relationship


Drawings that describe your relationship-Art is that one thing that connects the reality with dreams. An artist is capable enough to use his master skills and create a reality in the world of creativity. Such artists are a blessing who easily make up these daily life routines and draw it in such a manner that it looks beautiful and adorable. We keep admiring their art and keep wishing things to fall in place like in the art. This artist creates a whole new dimension for lovers. Before this, we never had anything that could define how pure and respectful love is; through what a couple has to go through to keep their relationship going and how they work through the hardships of life. These pictures not only tell what love is all about but also teach how one can lead their relationship on a safe side. The sketches made by him purely define the love and care and even cute little stressed moments. These sketches are going viral, and people around the globe have been admiring it.

Happy feet:

Remembering the winters? The way you trouble your partners by tickling them cold feet and hands to attain some heat! Whenever you felt cold you knew where the excitement lies, and it is in their arms, and you got the right over him. Your comfort is in them. Being a little crazy but the picture depicts it well.

The hot baths:

The hot shower is getting hotter. Winters bring in closeness and warmth of love, though we confine ourselves to four-walls because of the weather but what about a hot bath with some added hotness? Not everybody can enjoy it; such is what the picture depicts. So, other than making love, a hot shower can be an excellent idea- utilizing the luxury!

That touch of Care:

The picture depicts how she calms the chaos in his heart. By the end of the day, you know what gives you comfort. A man seems to be brave all day, but her girl will always be his weakness. Her arms are his home and the only place where he forgets every discomfort; such is the warmth of her love. One touch can surely change your life.

Morning blues:

Waking up still is a difficult task, but it is more difficult when you got your man by your side. Who doesn’t want some extra minutes in bed in his arms feeling the warmth? People in live-in will surely understand the situation well. Nights are warm and so the morning needs to be, but forget the sun, it is all about her warmth that he needs!

The competition:

I can do it better, baby! Am I right? Yes! Miss has to be always right even if is on my left. Competing on small things like household chores or beating him in any game, we find our comfort and love. These little things make our bond firm, and we are always there to support each other.

The little tasks:

She might not be perfect at everything but will try helping you every moment. I appreciate her small efforts and encourage her to do better. You are the man of the house, but she is no less than the head. Mind my words! Bruh! It is the reality; accept it because she is capable of everything when it comes to you.

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The pretty little lies:

Drawings that describe your relationship

You two have decided to be together and to be there for each other for a lifetime. This strong bond gets stronger with love, respect and honesty. If you go by the traditions, then these are to be followed, be a savage couple who stands by each other at every step. Just like the man in the picture is accepting the fact that making cereals can be a task for her as she messes the kitchen.

The insecurities:

Drawings that describe your relationship

Possessiveness, insecurities will always be there in the mind of your man. He will still be jealous if other men see you or appreciate you in front of him. Men find this negative if anybody eyes their girl. A good husband will always be jealous of other men, but a wiser husband might not give a damn because he has you and knows you’ll never leave him.

That ready period:

Baby! I’ll be prepared in 5, just putting up my shoes. Though, she is lying in bed updating a new picture or watching over some new trends. Men like you make us wait for a date; we can make you wait for a little! Right? Husbands do get frustrated when the lady gets late. Men, this is how patient you can be? Oh! You just passed the test.

The fun times:

Drawings that describe your relationship

Being the Marvel fans, you two keep enacting the characters and fight. Everything with him is better, joyful, happy moments and sad moments when you lose, and he is the shoulder to cry on. Whether you cry while watching that tragic ending of The Notebook or you trouble him while watching Avengers, he will always be by your side.

The little tricks:

Drawings that describe your relationship

He loves you, so, he will be the only trickster you got. Be careful! Why you gained some pounds? Did he trick it again? You never know. These funny moments keep your relationship going filled with happiness. These are memories you are making to remember in the future and laugh.  He’ll keep tricking you for life, and you’ll never be annoyed about it.

Those rough days:

Drawings that describe your relationship

Do not provoke her anger! She is an angry woman in the house, and you never know when she turns out to be the Hulk. Her screams can scare and be the worst nightmares. Husbands have to deal with these angry young ladies. She is the lioness: Smart and Ferocious.

The moment it all started:

Drawings that describe your relationship

That D-Day, when she said yes and the violins begin to play in your head because the dream came true. You now have her for life, and you too have the story “How I Met Your Mother” to tell your kids. These magical moments are to be cherished.

The weird attractions:

Just like you cannot stand any man eyeing her, she too cannot stand any other woman looking at you. She is always careful about who eyes her man on the way, and she even gives the threat signs to them. Just like it doesn’t matter to you, she is wise enough to know that you have your eyes for her and you are to stay.

That time:

Drawings that describe your relationship

Most of the time it is the men who forget the dates, but exceptions are always there. The moment your girl forgets a significant date, but she covers up for it. Dates are numbers, they can be ignored, but love is unconditional, and that is which holds you two together in an eternal bond that gets stronger with each passing day.

Don’t you all agree with these pictures? Doesn’t it remind of the moments you two had? Get up and spice up your relationship and add some fun moments t make it more remembering. Love is what binds two people, and it grows as you two grow in a relation.  Art is the only form through which we can define life, and so is what this artist has done. Beautifully drew the norms of life and left people in the awww mode, who kept admiring these pictures.