Women’s expectations which are almost unrealistic and false


Expectations of women-Expectations are the base of life. There are expectations; there are joys! There are expectations; there is satisfaction! Why so? It is like we achieve what we get but we should first make sure that we are not going to keep such expectations which cannot be brought to reality.

Have you ever heard the negative expectation? We are talking about some different kind of sense. It is not necessary that we expect something and if it does not happen the same, we break and could say, negative expectation but they different. It is like it is completed but that creates conflicts. If you are in the relationship, you are supposed to be more careful. You are advised not to have over expectations which cannot be brought to reality. Here, we will see some kind of unrealistic expectations of women for the men.

Education level Expectations of women

Education is a very important part of our life and it is necessary to be educated if we want to have a joyful life. Today, education is showing its scope at every aspect of life but what if it gets negative! We are broken like because sometimes, not know is better than knowledge.

For example, we are so much educated and we are going to find out the person like us. Maybe we find but if we don’t get, we do not ready to compromise at all. This is much seen in the case of women. There are millions of example of that. The example of lady professors is one of them. They are educated so high and after that, they expect to have someone like them. If they don’t get, they do not go in the relationship. However, if they get in, they always search for the abilities of their partner and whenever they see any demerit, they give up to be happy.

There are tons of such examples which show the unrealistic expectations of women. We are mainly talking about the ladies because they are seen to be in the unrealistic expectations for their relationships.
We are not meant to say that they should not expect according to their education but all we want to say is that they should learn to accept the things rather break their heart and joys.

  • Religious values

Every religion has some certain norms and values and the people under its fellowship are supposed to obey them.

The family environment is also seen to be like the religious phenomenon and the members are taught accordingly. If a girl is brought up under a particular religious aspect, she will obviously follow the values of that religion. It is good but the thing which is supposed to be heartbreaking is that she begins to find a person like her. The person who believes the same values. It seems that to be in a relationship with the person like her is very important for her but it only sounds good.

As we all know that positive-positive has always a repulsion so here comes the same.
We recommend the girls not to see the same but search for the guy who is lovable, careful and affectionate. Do not have such expectations which make you distract from the joy.

  • Too much money

Women expect for a rich guy. Not every woman but almost do. They think that money is the key to a healthy life but they forget that money cannot buy happiness. There are tons of cases where the relationship is broken due to money.

Love is worthless and being in a relationship, you are not supposed to compare your love with money. Ladies trust money as a foundation of a successful life and they expect for a guy who has a huge bank balance but trust us, it is not what a real life wants.

Although it is necessary to have money in life yet it is not what you require,  all you need is an ample amount. Do not waste your life with such expectations and if your guy has ample money but he has not so like your expectations, try to live like that.

  • Love vs. status

Social status is really an attractive thing but it only gains the attention of peers. In a relationship, all you need is love rather the status.

You should choose a romantic and affectionate guy who can love you forever but when you think that a guy with a powerful name can give you happiness, you are so real. It is genuine that such guy will be busy to maintain the status rather your love and relationship.

  • Marriage with certificate

If you want true love, be with such guy who respects and cares you actually. Marriage means a strong bond between two persons rather a certificate. If you and your partners are loyal to each other you both are needed to have a certificate at all.