Use up Beauty Products to the last bit with these 11 amazing tips


With inflation going beyond the roof, purchasing beauty products cannot be an impulsive decision anymore. It requires pre-planning and trials with a tested decision. Makeup products are big investments in this new changing world because you are emptying your pockets on them. So, you have to choose wisely.


using makeup completely

For you to be completely sure of the product before buying it so you don’t regret it later, you have to test and trial it well enough, and you have to use it completely to make the best of it. I’ve got some really good points for you to go through. These essential tips will help you save a huge amount, and you can buy beauty products efficiently without feeling guilty for it, and you can use it till the last bit gets over. Turn into a smart shopper with these simple tips:

1. Foundation

Foundations can cost a lot these days. No one settles with anything lower than MAC or Bobbi Brown, we all have high expectations of foundations, because of course, we want the best out there! When you nearly run out of foundation, don’t throw it! Just add a few drops of your face moisturizer and shake it vigorously. There might be some foundation stuck in the niche and corner of the bottle.

2. Cut them out

Remember to cut the makeup or skin care products that come in tubes, to make the best of the little bit that’s left. You’ll get a lot of the beauty product stuck around the corners. And you can survive with it for a few more days, that’s cool, right?

3. Pressed powder

You can extend the life of your pressed powder just by sticking a tape to it, and then you can remove it after a while. At times, the pressed power gets hard because of your facial oil. The tape will ensure the removal of the hard layer at the top, and the result is, you’ll get a lot of products left inside.

4. Eyeshadow

You can revive your eyeshadow palette by easily adding some rubbing alcohol drops, and rub it with the help of a small cotton ball. This is guaranteed to bring about some life to your eyeshadow.

5. Crushed eyeshadow

fixing broken eye shadow

You can easily fix a crushed eyeshadow with the help of a few drops of alcohol, and set it with a spoon. This turns the eyeshadow into a thin usable paste so you can use it later again.

6. Lip gloss

Some lip glosses come in a packing which limits their use when they get over, but you can salvage the last bit. But you can use it with the help of your fingers easily, making the lip gloss product last a little bit longer, so you can make the best use of it.

7. Eyeshadow into a lip color

If you’re an eyeshadow loving soul, this will interest you. Just dilute the eyeshadow with some alcohol or any spirit on a spoon and apply the thin layer on your lips, which will give you an awesome lip color.

8. Refrigerate

Did you know that keeping nail paints and perfumes in the refrigerator will elongate their life? Well, try it and see the wonder it does!

9. Perfumes

Try a little zing, add a few drops of your favorite perfumes to body lotions. This will give a new fragnance that you’ll enjoy.

10. Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup tools require as much as attention as makeup products. Try to add a few drops of olive oil and sanitize them on a regular basis to be able to use them for a longer duration.

11. Nail Paints

You must have noticed that sometimes, the brush-cap of the nail paint hardens. The simple solution is to just dip the top of the nail paint into warm water and the cap will open up easily. And if the nail paint thickens over time, then add some drops of thinner to get back to the normal consistency.

These were few tips and tricks on how to use your makeup to the last bit, totally “paisa vasool” as you’d say.