Hey ladies!

If we talk about the most common hairstyle, it undoubtedly is a ponytail. Isn’t it? No matter what your age is, what your hair type is, ponytail will always remain your go-to hairstyle. But, don’t you feel that the same simple ponytail becomes boring at times? If yes, then You need to try something different with your ponytail.

So, here are some easy tips and tricks to change your boring ponytail look into a charming one.

Knot Pony

This is a very chic and easy hairstyle. You don’t need to do much. Just take one of the hair ends and cover it with the elastic band. This will give your ponytail a knot-like look.

Hair Accessories

To glam up your ponytail, use some funky and cute hair accessories like colorful hair extensions or jewelry.

Braided Ponytail

Start by braiding the middle portion of your head and then proceed towards the ponytail. This will make all the difference to your ponytail. You can keep the braid loose or tight as per your preference.

Curl ended ponytail

To give your ponytail a retro look, just curl the ends of your hair, and there you go!

Cool Ponytail look

You can attain this look by knotting your hair and then proceeding with making the normal ponytail as usual. This hairstyle is just perfect for any outfit and is particularly suitable for girls with thick hair.

Loop Ponytail

This ponytail is easily attainable and is also manageable. After making the ponytail insert the hair end again into the rubber band. Make sure not to pull it out fully. This is the perfect hairstyle for summers. For girls with long hair, try it with the double loop.

Dry shampoo

While making a ponytail, spray the hair on your crown area with a dry shampoo to give more volume to your hair.

Twisted ponytail

Twist your ponytail to one side to attain the perfect feminine hairstyle. You’ll require a few bobby pins to secure your look in place.

Side Braids

For a more chic look,  braid both the sides of your hair just before the ponytail begins. You can tighten or loosen up the braids as per your preference. This is the most popular look for award functions and parties.

Fake long ponytail

If you have short hair, but you wish to make your ponytail appear longer, you can very well attain that. Make 2-3 ponytails at different lengths and tie all of them together in a bigger elastic band. This will volumize your hair and make your ponytail appear longer.

The Classy ponytail

Make numerous twists and loose braids before the ponytail is securely tightened for a classy ponytail. Isn’t it easy?

Messy Pony

This one is for the lazy ladies! Teasing your hair with a rat tail comb which will give you lots of volume and messy look. Loosely secure your hair in a ponytail and after you’re done,  comb using rat tail comb just at the rubber band area. Lastly, pull the hair at both the sides to give the perfect messy look.


That’s all ladies! Try these super easy hairstyles and take a break from your boring day-to-day ponytail look!